8 types of sex you should try in your 20’s

The 20’s are by far, the most exciting as well as thrilling years of every individual’s life. This is the time when most of us are experimenting with our sexual needs and looking for sexual satisfaction as well. So, it is natural for this time to be exciting and disastrous at the same time. Very few people have a steady start and majority of the experiences are disasters, as we know them. So below are the few sexual encounters/ experiences that everyone must try in their 20’s:


The “No Strings Attached” Sex

These types of sexual encounters take place when you do not really like the other person and similarly, there are no feelings from the other individual’s side as well. But somehow because you two are alone at some certain place or because you are going to be left alone, sex is something that you have to go for. This is more of a fun sex with none of the partners having any feelings or liking for each other. More often, this turns out to be a one night stand only.


The “I Never Noticed You Before” Sex

These types of sexual encounters occur with people whom you have not met for a really long time but they have been a part of your life earlier. So you come home for the Christmas break and meet a bunch of your high school classmates. While in high school, there were certain rumours about you and some friend of your making out and this actually happens during this Christmas holiday. It is kind of exciting to have a temporary fling with someone from your past.


The “Sleeping with Friend” Sex

While in your 20’s, it is most common to have sexual experiences with your friends. This single experience can lead to a life of together resulting in your wedding, lead to another “Friends with Benefits” situation or it can be a one- time thing as well.



The “Caught by the Parents” Sex

As shocking and disastrous as this sound, this type of encounter is possible if you are having sex in an unprotected place. Bumping into your parents while performing some action under the sheets will surely be something to be laughed at in the future.

The “Same Sex” Sex

So if you are in the mood to switch teams and do some fun experimenting, 20’s are the best time for going on the other side of the fence. No matter how the experience will be, you will have enough time to come back on the safer side. This Girl on Girl Collection might be helpful for you in this case.

The “Al Fresco” Sex

While there is no age limit for having sex outdoors, doing it in your 20’s is justifiable. Since you have all those hormones flowing inside you, you can fulfil your urge anywhere on the rollercoaster, the lawn and many more fun places.

The “Drunken” Sex

So both of you are terribly wasted and feeling a lot sexier than you actually are. Get into the game play but there are chances that you will either get trapped in each other’s clothes or simply fall asleep halfway through having sex.

The “Scare the Neighbour” Sex

If you want to have really loud sex, do it in your 20’s. Your 20’s are the most aroused years you will ever have and there is no shame in letting your neighbours know and imagine all the bedroom fun that you are having.

Be crazily stupid in your 20’s and you will have a number of experiences to be shared later on in your life.



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