We had been on the road about six hours and were making good time on the first day of our two-week vacation. We were out in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the scenery and each other’s company, when I spotted a herd of ponies standing along a fence. In the midst of the group stood a stallion, his long male organ dangling impressively. As we passed by I commented on its size, asking June if she would like it if I had a tool like that. She scoffed and told me not to talk foolishly. “Men don’t get that big!” she declared.



I begged to differ, saying, “I know I’m not that big, but some men are, and some are even bigger.”


She went silent then, and we drove several more miles without speaking before I finally broke the silence, asking her what she was thinking about, “Sex,” was her one-word answer.


“All right,” I responded instantly. “You want to stop for a quickie?”

“Settle down, big guy,” she said, laughing. “I wasn’t thinking about you.” She went quiet again for a moment, and then made a comment that blew me away. “You know,” she began, “you’ve been with other women, but you are the only man I’ve ever been with, and I was just thinking what it would be like to have sex with someone else.”


I was taken aback for a minute, not knowing quite how to respond to this statement. Then something came to me. “I guess it’s like our trip,” I told her. “The destination would be the same; the only difference would be in the way we took to get there.”


She just looked at me as though she wasn’t sure how to take what I had said. Actually, I wasn’t too sure either. But before she could say anything more I saw a sign indicating a rest area ahead, and we decided to make a pit stop and stretch our legs.


We were there for about half an hour, and when we tried to leave we discovered that our car wouldn’t start. The battery seemed to be dead. As I stood there with the hood up, wondering what our next move would be, a young fellow in an battered pickup pulled alongside us. He got out of his truck, pulling a T-shirt on over his blonde head to cover his tan, well-muscled torso, and made his way over to me. He smiled a brilliant smile at June as he asked me what the problem was. When I told him he said, “Not to worry, I’ve got some jumper cables.”


He went to his truck to retrieve them, and as he came back I turned to look at June. She was standing very straight, her hands behind her back, her firm tits pushing out as if for his inspection.


The young man told us that his name was Ned, and within five minutes he had gotten our car started and was winding up his cables as he advised me to drive straight to the next town and check out the battery. As I reached for my wallet to offer him some cash, he told me to put it away, saying I should just help out somebody else sometime. We both thanked him profusely, and he left.


We got to the next town and found an auto repair shop, where they proceeded to replace the battery. As we waited, I started kidding June about Ned, saying that she’d obviously wanted him to “do” her. When she asked me what made me think that, I replied that one telltale clue was the way her nipples became swollen when she looked at him. She blushed a bit and asked if I thought he had seen them too. I assured her he would have had to be blind not to, and she fell silent.


We got back on the road, but we had lost nearly two hours of travel time. I had been hoping to hook up with the Interstate before stopping for the night, but as it was so late we decided to stop at a rather shabby motel we found along the highway. As we checked in, the old gentleman at the desk informed us of our good fortune, telling us we had just gotten the last room he had, and that the next motel was over 100 miles down the road.


As I was asking him if there was anyplace we could get something to eat, who should walk into the office but Ned, the guy who’d helped us earlier. He was looking for a room too, but as we had gotten the last one, he was out of luck. I asked him what he was going to do, and he replied that he would probably pull off the road somewhere and sleep in his truck. As we walked outside together, June looked at me with those big brown puppy eyes of hers, and I knew what it was she was asking. Before I could stop myself I nodded, and she knew what I meant too.


“Listen,” June said to Ned. “My husband and I have an air mattress and a sleeping bag in our car, and you’re more than welcome to stay in our room if you want.”

Ned looked at me and I nodded again, confirming my wife’s invitation. He was extremely appreciative of our offer, and I said it was the least we could do after the way he had helped us out earlier.


After putting our stuff in the room we decided to find the bar the motel keeper had recommended, and get something to eat. We found it to be a quaint old place, with an ancient pool table in the center and several rickety tables scattered around the floor. There were about ten or twelve customers in there, and we found a table and ordered up some pizza and beer.


June and Ned seemed to hit it off well. They even danced together when a favorite song of hers came on the jukebox, and she appeared to be enjoying his company.

It was nearing midnight when he excused himself to go to the restroom. When he was gone I leaned across the table and asked June if she remembered what we had talked about earlier that day. She knew what I was referring to, and she just nodded, not looking at me.


“Well, we don’t have a lot of time here,” I told her. “Do you want him or don’t you?”


She looked at me then, her eyes wide. She took a moment to answer, and when she did her voice was low. “Yes . . . I guess so,” she breathed. “If . . . if you say it’s all right. But—but how . . .”


“Just bring him back to the room,” I told her. “And let your desires take over. I’ll do the rest.”


At that point Ned came back to the table and asked June if she wanted to play a game of pool. She hesitated momentarily as she looked at me, then smiled and pushed back her chair.


I got up also. “You two enjoy yourselves,” I said to them. “I’m going back to the room to get some sleep, so be quiet when you come in, okay?” Having said that, I gave my wife a quick hug and a kiss. “Don’t keep her out too late,” I said to Ned, then said good night and walked away.


When I got back to the room I quickly undressed and slipped into bed, first turning out the lights, except for a small lamp on the dressing table. I positioned myself on my side, with a clear view of the air mattress, and waited for them to show up.


It was a little past one in the morning when I finally heard them at the door. June came in first, giggling and shushing Ned as he closed the door. “I have to use the little girl’s room,” I heard her tell him, trying to whisper. “You better get to bed.” With that she went into the bathroom and closed the door. For a moment I wondered if she had chickened out, or worse, had already f**ked him.


Fortunately the light from the lamp barely reached the bed, and I was able to watch through half-close eyes as Ned stripped down to his shorts. I noticed that he wasn’t hard, and my uncertainty continued. He quickly crawled into the sleeping bag, and a minute later the bathroom door opened. There, in the dim light of that small lamp, stood my wife, completely naked.


Her beautifully tanned body looked fantastic, her high round tits standing firm, her swollen puffy nipples pushing out, the sweet triangle of dark hair at her crotch showing clearly. I was closer to her than Ned, and I could see that her p***y lips were slightly open, in evident anticipation of what was coming. Ned was lying with his back to her, and was evidently not aware or her presence, until she murmured, “Would you like some of this, Ned?”

He turned his head then to look at her, and immediately sprang up from his bed. He could only stare at her for a long minute. “Damn, June,” he whispered then. “Your husband is right there!”


She laughed, looking my way for a moment. “Not to worry,” she assured him. “He’s fast asleep, and he could sleep through a tornado.” With that she moved to stand in front of him, and as he stood as though paralyzed she raised her arms to put them around his neck and kissed him passionately, pressing her tits against his broad chest.


He was standing at an angle to me, and I could see the bulge in his shorts growing. It was only a second before June felt it pressing against her flat tummy. She stepped back a bit then, looking him in the eyes as she chuckled, “What have you got there?” She then boldly slipped both hands beneath the elastic of his shorts and pulled them down.


“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, forgetting to whisper. “That thing is huge!” She squatted down in front of him, gripping his c**k with both hands, and began to stroke it. I could hear her making little sounds of astonishment and appreciation as she ran her hands up and down its length, and even sucked on its massive head. The thing had to be a good eight or nine inches long, maybe more; but its most notable aspect was its girth. It looked to be as big around as her forearm at its base, tapering only slightly toward the head, with several large, protruding veins visibly pulsing beneath the now rigid flesh.


June seemed to be fascinated by it. After several minutes of mouthing and fondling it, she slowly laid herself back on the mattress, extending her arms upward and beckoning him to join her. As he stood looking down at her, that thick throbbing shaft bounced in the air with each beat of his heart, its massive head glistening in the light.


He lay down beside her then, caressing and squeezing her tits, kissing them vigorously as he lowered his hand to her c**t. She let out a whimper as he rubbed his fingers across it, and a slight groan escaped her as he inserted one of those fingers inside her. She was soon arching her back and squirming uncontrollably, gasping repeatedly as he fingered her.


Her hand soon found his erect, meaty shaft and pulled it toward her opening, indicating that she was ready. I couldn’t see his actual penetration of her, but I saw a look of apprehension come across her face for a moment, followed immediately by a look of inexpressible pleasure as he continued to push into her.


I was amazed at the way she was reacting to him. I had always thought she was a passionate woman, but I had never before heard her make the kind of noises she was emitting now, the gasps and squeals, the moans and cries of ecstasy. She was heaving and bucking against him as he thrust into her, continuously grabbing at his arms, clutching at the sleeping bag, and even pulling at her hair as he continued to f**k her. I’d had a terrific hard-on from the moment she came out of the bathroom, and now watching her get f**ked like this almost made me blow my load into the sheets. I had to turn away momentarily to regain my composure, and when I looked again I was just in time to see him push hard against her and hold himself there as he pumped the first shot of his jism inside her. She was panting rapidly as he continued to come, and his powerful spurting seemed to go on for several minutes.


He finally withdrew, and they just lay there for a while, exploring each other, until I heard June suggest that they take a shower, since they were all sweaty. The two of them quickly got up and scurried past me into the bathroom.


The shower stall was just on the other side of the wall, and I could hear everything. They were giggling and laughing in there, with occasional squeals from June. Then after about 10 minutes I heard her distinctly say, “Ohh!” and then they went silent. They were in there another five minutes or so, and when they finally emerged from the bathroom I saw that June had her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his butt, holding her trim, slender torso close to him, kissing him as he walked past me, with his c**k buried deep inside her.


That’s when I decided to intervene. I sat up in the bed and said coolly, “Wouldn’t you two kids be more comfortable here on the bed?”

Ned’s c**k immediately went soft and slipped out of her, and June unwrapped herself from him and stepped back. Ned looked stricken and stunned, but I saw that June was smiling. She quickly moved to the bed and gave me a passionate kiss. I laughed. “You enjoyed yourself, huh?” I asked her.


“Oh God, yes!” she answered, and kissed me again.


That’s when Ned spoke up. “Wait,” he said in a perplexed voice. “You’re okay with this?”


I smiled at him. “I have to confess, Ned, this was all a setup to get you to f**k my wife. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.” I then explained to him how June had never had sex with anyone but me, and had been curious to see what it would be like. “We didn’t mean any harm,” I assured him.

“Harm hell!” he exclaimed. “That was the best time I’ve ever had!”


“Well, good,” June put in. “But I hope we’re not done.” With that she approached him and kissed him as she had me. She lowered her hand to his genitals, and almost immediately, had him stiffening again. At that point I got out of bed and went over to stand behind her, kissing the back of her neck and reaching around to fondle her tits. Soon she was panting and whimpering, and a moment later she pulled away and moved to the bed, lying down on her back.

Ned and I were both hard as hell, and as we approached her I asked her which one of us she wanted. She smiled at me, saying, “Sorry, baby, I can have you anytime,” and reached her hand up to Ned, who quickly positioned himself on top of her.


I watched from up close this time as her p***y engulfed the head of his c**k, then gradually swallowed the entire shaft. He soaked in her for several minutes, sucking her tits, kissing her all over, his hands in constant motion before he began to pump back and forth inside her. Having already f**ked her once, he seemed to have incredible stamina, and June was soon beside herself, coming over and over, almost at regular intervals, and the longer he went on the more frequent her climaxes seemed to get. He had been inside her for over an hour when he finally arched his back and squirted another load of his fluid into her.


But June seemed to be in a frenzy now, and as soon as he rolled away she grabbed me frantically and pulled me down on top of her. My throbbing c**k slipped easily into her slippery hole as she f**ked me wildly. She was like a cat in heat; her only thought, her only goal was to be f**ked. I managed to hold off for nearly 10 minutes before I shot a flood of come into her convulsing body.


She was breathing hard and fast as I finished and collapsed beside her. For a while the three of us lay there on the bed, Ned and I on either side of her, kissing and caressing her until we fell asleep.


I awoke around eight-thirty in the morning and got up quietly to take a shower. I was in there about half an hour, and when I returned I found that Ned had left, but not before filling my wife with another load of his come, which was oozing out of her as she lay there. “Ned said to tell you good-bye,” she said. “And thank you. And I thank you too.”


“No problem,” I told her. “I think I enjoyed it almost as much as you did.”

She smiled. “God,” she said then. “Did you see the size of his thing? I never knew a guy could be so big, and it felt so good inside me! It was magnificent!”

“So do you think,” I said carefully, “that you might like to try it again sometime?”

She just looked at me for a long minute. “Would you like me to?” she said then.

Neither of us answered the question in words, but we both knew at that moment that our married life would be very different from then on.