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Relation With The Married Hottie

I am a boy of 24 living in Mumbai.  This is what happened, believe me. I was hanging out with my friend’s one fine Saturday night, all drunk and mad to the core. We were three boys and two girls from the same group, and as every time it happens we drove to marine drive and town side late night. After reaching marine drive we strolled, laughed, joked and everything without having a single clue what was coming my way. Driving from there we reached in front of Leopold café. There we started having beers and a few minutes later one of my guy friend pulled me to the loo. 

There were a few girls waiting in front of the ladies washroom and a few in front of the guys We pushed our way thru and started peeing. My friend got his spot before me, so he was done before I even started. Now this bastard opens the main door of the boy’s washroom when I was peeing and started yelling my name. I being drunk and embarra*sed started reacted with low yells and hiding my face still peeing. The girls outside started giggling and staring when I came out. Kicking and hugging my friend we walked out when suddenly a man approaches me and says ‘hi, having fun?’ replying instantly I said ‘ya, Saturday night with friends.’ I somehow realized him peeing beside me in the washroom and instantly asked him, ‘were u inside?’ he laughed and said ‘yes, I saw all that.’ We both laughed and jelled well.

Once out of Leopold my friend rushed towards the others to narrate what happened, and the man introduced himself as Pradeep. He said he was with his wife alone as their friends dumped them, so out of courtesy I said well come and join us for some time, it will be fun, and showed him where we were parked and my friends.

He said thanks and went to get his wife I joined my friends and continued A few minutes later Pradeep walked in with a lady clad in sari. Both of them did not seem to be the Saturday party night type crowd. As they approached I walked forward and Pradeep introduced his wife to me as Sangeeta, and in turn I introduced them to my friends. All laughed together as to what had happened inside.

During the conversation I learnt that Pradeep and Sangeeta were somewhere from Gujrat and had recently shifted to Mumbai as Pradeep had taken over his family business here in Mumbai after their marriage of eight months.

Our female friends in the group then started asking about their love story and then marriage etc to which I noticed their awkwardness. They just wrapped all questions with it being an arranged marriage. Pradeep then took my number and said maybe they can meet us on weekends to have a bit of fun to which we all drunken fellows instantly agreed. We left our way after Pradeep and Sangeeta bid us good bye. They seemed all nice and in comfort, other than they being not so Mumbaish.

The next weekend Pradeep called me and asked whether we were partying again, to which we made some plans and met again. This weekend meetings with them happened for around three more weeks. All was ok when suddenly one Wednesday Pradeep calls me and asks if he can meet me in the evening to which I obliged and met him alone as he asked me. We sat to drink in one of the pubs where all was good other than Pradeep being a bit low. And when I started asking him if he was okay, or was he tensed with his work, he to my surprise opened up largely.

He told me that all was good with work, but it was his marriage that is a bit disturbing I asked him if he wants to share something, to which he held my hand tightly and asked me to promise to be silent about the matter and not to bring anything between our relations. Once all that was done he started.    He told me he was gay, and coming from a very traditional and conservative background it was impossible to break this on his family. He had a boyfriend when he was studying here in Mumbai and was physically active with him too.  But when the force for marriage began he had to give in in front of his family. But he decided something and married Sangeeta who was in his school and was the daughter of a very poor farmer.

He told Sangeeta everything and offered a lot of help to her family which being rich was no problem to him He had promised all education cost to Sangeeta’s brother, and marriage cost to Sangeeta’s sister with financial help to the family too. Sangeeta sacrificed herself for her family and married him. After the marriage Pradeeps boyfriend broke up with him leaving him alone. I was almost bored to this story as being in the film industry this was not new to me, neither gay man. My mind was wandering if now he would say he liked me and stuff, but to my surprise nothing of such sort happened.  

He then told that he was now really sad for Sangeeta as she was becoming gloomy day by day. She had also tried having sex with him to which he supportively tried too, but it seemed like this made Sangeeta even sadder, as she was no virgin and had an affair long back. She knew what sex was and its pleasure are and might be now realizing what she is gonna miss for the lifetime.  Adding to this Pradeep says when comes out with us on weekends she gets all excited by seeing young and happy people like us and tries having sex with him on reaching home. 

The condition was almost where Pradeep and Sangeeta lied naked on bed and Sangeeta would herself up and down on him. She would force him to suck her b**bs and press them and insert fingers inside her. She would even put fingers up Pradeep’s a*s to excite him. She would then suck whatever erection Pradeep gets and even tries penetrating herself. But that always disappoints her as he has a very small p***s. Pradeep then says that Sangeets now is getting addicted to p**n and maybe trying to find someone online to have sex.

He said that it was okay for him if she has sex with some else, as she has no objection to him having gay sex, but he is really worried about his family name and Sangeeta getting pregnant with some random guys child, as Pradeep already made it clear that she will have to bear his child only, even before marriage with the help of sperm transfusion. Sangeeta had no other job other than to be a wife and that too without sex is making her mad.

I calmly listened to all this and kept mum, having no solution to all these issues, Pradeep left and I went home but did not reveal anything to anyone not wanting to harm his name. That following weekend Pradeep invited me to dinner in his place and requested me to flirt a little with Sangeeta and observe her if was too much willing for sex. I hesitated at first but the thought of this exited me and I went to their place for dinner. Reaching their flat I realized Pradeep was indeed rich, richer than I imagined. And now when I saw Sangeeta it was with a total different eye. Pradeep and Sangeeta both were 32 in age. Sangeeta was as usual wearing a sari when I reached. Noticing her nicely I realized she had very clear wheatish skin with large heavy boobs of 36d size. She had nice broad hips too.

She was not that beautiful by face but her large eyes and thin lips with a long tounge made me want her  Having the husband’s permission to flirt I really went ahead with her talking and flirting with her. Pradeep and I were drinking whiskey and Sangeeta was having breezer.  I was noticing her smooth tummy that was clearly visible with her big navel. She had a bit of tummy which realy attracted me. I was imagining how that tummy would feel to touch and kiss. 

Pradeep then excused us saying he had to send a mail. He went inside to the bedroom carrying his drink and I accompanied Sangeeta to the kitchen. She was completing the food and I was watching her closely which she clearly knew. She would often come close to where I was standing and find something. I knew she was getting the feel.  While she washing some utensils I started stirring the vegetable on the gas. She came near me, giggled and said is this how u cook? Let me show u how to stir. She then held my hand and moved it in motion to stir. While in action my elbow started touching her boobs. I knew this was intentional so I started pushing her boobs with my elbow. She was completely enjoying this. Then I said, this is your style of stiring, let me show u mine. I slowly pushed her in front and let her stir.

Then I slowly put my right hand on her hand and my left hand on her tummy She instantly shivered a bit. I placed a finger on her navel and started circling it. Very slowly then I made my semi erect d**k touch her a*s and pulled her close. She giggled and let me continue. I was rubbing her whole stomach and pushing my d**k on her a*s which was growing slowly. She then brought her right hand back and touched my manhood on top of my jeans. She felt it completely and left a moan. I instantly pushed her to a corner and started kissing her back continuously rubbing my d**k on her a*s. She then held my hand and very gently placed it on her left boob. I grabbed both her boobs on top of her blouse and squeezed them nicely.

She said, ‘oh haan, dabao na inhe.’ I bit her neck and sucked her earlobes from back She was almost out of control and wriggled like anything. I had never seen a woman so much in heat before. I kept pressing her heavy boobs and she uttered, ‘aur jor se dabba do na.’ I replied, ‘ dudh nikal gaya to.’ She hissed loudly and said, ‘nikal do na, aah daba ke naikal do.’ I felt like f**king that woman instantly there. But i knew I should not cross my limit. But the pleasure of touching such heavy boobs made me going on. I could not hold it any longer and pushed my right hand inside her blouse cupping he left boob. It was so warm and the nipple so tight I just kept pressing it. A few seconds later she turned towards me we kissed like eating each other.

I was always a sucker for long tongue and she had it. I kept on sucking her tongue till it hurt her All this time she was continuously pressing my d**k. Then she said, ‘ek baar dikaoo na.’ I was stunned by this and replied no, your husband might come anytime. She was not happy with this and I started kissing her again and going down her neck licking her whole neck area and down to her cleavage. She then pulled her right boob out by lifting her blouse and said, ‘isse kha lo na.’ I could not resist and put the boob in my mouth and sucked nicely. She had large areola with dark nipple of ½ inches long. I bit the nipple slightly and kept on sucking it. She then kissed me again and suddenly sat in front of me unbuttoning my jeans.

I said no but she kept on doing it and I was no one to resist. I just kept an eye that Pradeep just don’t surprise us Sangeeta then took out my d**k and started kissing it and rubbing it all over her face. I was stunned to see he reactions. She then took my d**k inside her hot mouth and started blowing me hard. I felt like she will tear my skin. She forcefully took out my balls and squeezed them hard and kept blowing me. I was in heaven with that intensity. Minutes later I came right in her mouth with loads of c*m and she swallowed the whole of it. I was exhausted and afraid at the same time. So I hurriedly walked out of the kitchen and called for Pradeep.

He came and we went to the balcony for a smoke. There he asked me, ‘so, wht do u think?’ I stammered and said well clearly she is in want of sex, which is very natural. After all she is human. 

In my mind I knew she was very nicely into sex before marriage and that she sacrificed all for her family, but now she needs it badly

I left after having dinner and could not believe what happened in there. I was comparing her to all beautiful girls that I used to f**k. None of them had this heat; definitely a woman is always better than a girl on bed. She was so much an Indian woman with sindoor, mangalsutra, payyal and bangles just sitting in front of me and sucking my d**k. Her mouth was the hottest one I ever had. I wanted her badly and jerked once I reached home. Next day Pradeep met me in the evening time again. And to my surprise he instantly reached to the only topic. He told me that yesterday Sangeeta was like mad for sex and was kissing and sucking whole of Pradeep’s body.

He even fingered her nicely and Sangeeta kept sucking his limp c**k which made him somewhat aroused and he came which she drank Pradeep too tried pleasing her with sucking and ma*saging her body. He then added maybe she was imagining you on bed. I was dumb on hearing all this and did not know how to react. Pradeep then was very keen to know about my sex life. I told him that I have had my good share with some girls but did not like to speak about them as I respect them, but yes I have done crazy stuffs and is active with the d**k.

Pradeep then almost made it a point to meet me daily which I did not mind coz he was interesting to be with plus he did all the expenses and the thought of Sangeeta too always lured me in. he always made it a point to narrate me what happens on bed with Sangeeta and how they are trying to please each other sexually. One evening when we both were drinking in a pub pradeep asked me if I liked Sangeeta. I instantly replied pls don’t take it there, it would become very awkward. He thought for a minute and replied, ‘look if u want u can have sex with her, it will surely please her and I too can enjoy the show and bring some spice by seeing a naked boy f**king my wife. If it makes u happy, all three of us can enjoy without harm.’ I was dumbfounded and was silent for a minute. All I could think was Sangeeta lying naked in front of me. I nodded and said that I could try but can’t promise much. On listening to my reply he gulped his drink and said lets go home.

I was completely taken by the promptness and with a very confused mind went to his place Sangeeta was very happy seeing me and hugged me tightly. She was wearing a yellow nighty and a gown on top of it. Everything was very casual at first and all of us sat for a drink chit chatting. Pradeep then went inside and called Sangeeta in. They were inside for a few minute and I knew what the discussion was going on. Pradeep then comes to me with Sangeeta and said that he needs to collect file from the car parked downstairs and will return in a minute. He then requested me to help Sangeeta with some file download in the pc. Pradeep left with a wink and Sangeeta took me to their bedroom where the pc was.

She then asked me to show how to download some songs she was unable to find I sat on the pc and started searching when Sangeeta opened her gown and was on her nighty. The nighty had strings on top and was till her knee length. The yellow fabric was just enriching her clear wheatish skin. I let her make her move and kept doing what I was doing. She pulled a chair near me and asked, ‘do u have a girlfriend?’ I replied, ‘no’ to which she asked, ‘how do you cool yourself then? With that big fat thing, how do u even sleep?’ I knew it was time to play my cards, I said, ‘well I said I don’t have a girlfriend, need not mean I not having fun.’ She got excited and her eyes glowed. She hissed and came near me and sat on my lap.

She then wrapped her arms around me and I was holding her by the waistline, she was not slim but the extra flabs were smooth and felt nice. Her braless boobs were near my face and she said, ‘u have not said anything to Pradeep about our little adventure, right?’ I nodded I did not and she said, ‘I like u, u r naughty and can keep secrets and u have fat one, with that u really know how to touch a woman.’ Having a married woman sitting on my lap talking about my d**k made me horny and I started growing. We started kissing and I sucked her long tongue with love. My hands instantly reached for her boobs and pressed them. She kept moaning and kissing me. She sat on me spreading he legs and I could see her panty less p***y.  It was the most swollen p***y I ever saw, something like puffed up with cleanly shaved. She pulled the strings of her nighty down and out came her big boobs ready to be eaten.  I took her right nipple in my mouth and circled my tongue. Her nipples grew like anything and she kept on pressing my head on her big boobs. I pinched the other nipple and she kept on doing aaahhh aaahhh!!!

After eating both her boobs nicely and making them red I sucked her neck and bit her lightly She kept on rubbing her p***y on me and making real sexy sounds. We kissed and then she got up and removed the nighty completely. She was a complete Indian woman with sinddor, earrings, mangalsutra, payal, bangles with a slight tummy, big navel, heavy thighs, large a*s, swollen wet p***y, with big boobs completely naked in front of me. I removed my t-shirt and hugged her. She felt so soft and warm. She kept on rubbing her whole body on me and started licking my ears and neck. The best part was she kept on speaking while all this. Most girls don’t and it really makes u hot. She took heavy breaths on my ears and uttered, ‘oh jaan aa jao na, chu lo mujhe, itna acha lag raha hai aaj. Sab jagah pyaar karo mujhe, mujhe ache se use karo na.’ she then started biting me lightly and sucked my small nipples too.

I made her turn and pressed her boobs from back rubbing my d**k on her naked a*s I licked her whole back and she kept on moaning in Hindi and English both. I made her sit on the brink of the bed and spread her legs. She had dark p***y lips and very neat and tidy. It was all dripping wet and was shining. She anticipated what was coming and started breathing heavily. I teased her by showing by tongue out and making a licking action. She then got so excited, she almost said it out loud, ‘bustard, just lick it, eat my p***y. Oh it’s so long now, put ur tongue inside me.’ I widened my mouth and tried eating her p***y. I very slowly licked her wet p***y from down to up the whole length. She could not hold any longer and spread her p***y lips with her fingers and pulled my head right into it. It was warm and slippery. She let a moan out and started grinding motion on holding my head tight on her p***y.

I licked her nice and entered my tongue inside I put my thumb indie her p***y and pulled it down while licking her clit. She with a scream had an orgasm instantly. It was the longest orgasm I had ever seen in a girl. She kept on making sounds and shivering with intervals for almost one and a half minute. And all this time she kept my face pressed hard on her p***y which was leaking like a tap. I had never eaten so much p***y juice before. When she let me lift my face I was all wet from the nose to the chin with her juice. She was smiling with pleasure and seemed very satisfied.

She came down and kissed me and I sucked her tongue After she regained her breath back I caught hold of her right boob with my left hand and inserted a finger in her p***y with my right hand. I had no more intentions to be gentle now. I started pinching her nipple and shaking her boob holding her nipple and fingering her hard while licking her clit. She parted her p***y lips with her left hand and was pulling my head with her right hand. This was going on when Pradeep walked in and Sangeeta said, ‘oh Pradeep dekhiye na ye mere sath kiya kiya kar raha hai.’ I was stunned to hear this and put my head up. Pradeep replied, ‘tumhe acha lag raha hai?’ she said, ‘haan bohot, aap bhi aao na.’ pradeep then said, ‘to karne do use.’ And winked at me.’ I was paused when Pradep came and sat by Sangeeta and held her p***y lips apart.

She moaned loudly and said, ‘oh khao na mujhe.’ Pradeep signaled me to lick her and I started licking the wife’s p***y while the husband was holding her apart. Sangeeta kept grinding her p***y on my face and now she was pulling my head with both her hands. Minute later she came again in same manner and released me. Pradeep and Sangeeta both looked at each other and slowly kissed. Sangeeta then came forward and removed my jeans with the underwear. I was completely naked and she started stroking me and squeezing my balls.  Pradeep moaned and bit his lips on seeing my d**k and moved in a complete different manner, but he made no advances on me as he knew I would not be comfortable. Sangeeta took me in her hot mouth with the long tongue out and started blowing me. She sucked my complete length, my balls and the entire region.

I then sat on the bed and she kneeled and started sucking me Pradeep sat beside her and watched closely. I then told Pradeep, ‘why don’t u press her boobs, she will like it.’ Pradeep instantly started massaging Sangeeta’s boobs watching her mouth on my d**k. Sangeeta started to moan and kept on blowing me. I then told Pradeep to finger his wife which he agreed and started fingering her and rubbing his own crotch. He was horny too. His movements were totally like a woman. I stood up and asked Sangeets to lick my balls. She got down nicely and took my balls in her mouth while she stroked my d**k. Pradeep now got some courage and started rubbing my a*s. I was in heaven with all this and felt my orgasm building up. I put my d**k into Sangeeta’s mouth made her suck and took it out. She was holding her tongue out and I slapped my d**k on it.  I held her by her hair and started stroking myself as I was about to come.

She was waiting for it with her mouth wide open and tongue out I was jerking fast when Pradeep reached for my a*shole and started rubbing it. It was complete different sensation for me and I kind of liked it. I came with a lot of force into Sangeeta’s face and she licked me clean. I was exhausted and sat on the bed. Pradeep then went near Sangeeta and started kissing her mouth full of my cum. It was too dirty for me to watch. I felt akward.

Pradeep and Sangeeta then went inside the bathroom to clean themselves I followed them with a few seconds of delay. When I went inside the bathroom both were happy and giggling. Sangeeta came towards me and watered my d**k. She then applied some soap and started washing it. I held her left boob in my right hand and closed my eyes. My d**k was already gaining its hardness again. She came close to me and kept on rubbing my d**k pulling it near to her p***y. I held her nicely and let her wash me. After that we sat for a drink and Sangeeta and I were still naked. Pradeep kept on starring at my d**k on which Sangeeta made a few joke. After a short drink round Sangeeta was eager to get on bed, she was still to get f**ked and I wanted it too.

Three of us were in the bedroom and neither of us knew where to start it from I felt kind of kinky and said, ‘Sangeeta u lie down and let Pradeep please you as I ask him to do, you guys can do this when I am not around.’ Both of them liked the idea and Pradeep was ready to follow my orders.  Sangeeta was lying naked on the bed with her big boobs and Pradeep was only in his underwear. ‘Spread her legs as much as u can’, I ordered Pradeep and he followed. I asked him to pour some olive oil on her p***y and massage it nicely. Sangeeta was getting aroused with this and I knew I was making her p***y ready for myself. I asked Pradeep to insert his finger into her p***y and stroke her gently. Sangeeta started to moan by now.

My d**k was growing seeing all this and Pradeep was getting hornier seeing my d**k He removed his underwear and started stroking himself with one hand while fingering Sangeeta with the other. I was amazed to see such a small d**k of Pradeep. I asked him to lick Sangeeta’s p***y with his tongue inside it. Sangeeta was lying and enjoying it with moans in between. I slowly came near Sangeeta’s mouth and she took my d**k in and started sucking slowly. Her hand reached my balls and started playing with them. My hands reached for her boobs and started massaging them. Her boobs were really heavy and spongy. I slapped them mildly and she moaned in appreciation. After playing with her boobs I lied by her and we started kissing. I was really enjoying her tongue and her housewife image. I slowly got up and asked Pradeep to move. He lay by Sangeeta still stroking his small puny d**k. I spread Sangeeta’s legs and came in between her.  Her thigh region and p***y was emitting heat by now.

I held her tightly and sucked her boobs She was wriggling with pleasure i then went near her ears and said, ‘tell me what you want.’ She just hissed and said, ‘oh pls f**k me, pls pls f**k me. Come inside me.’ I was happy to hear those words and said, ‘ask me nicely, beg for it, or else I won’t f**k you.’ She was getting out of control by now and said, ‘harami sala, just put ur d**k in me. I want it.’ Saying this she was swaying her back up and down and was trying to pull me inside her with her legs. I knew the woman had lost everything and just needs it now. I said, ‘beg me beautiful, ask me to f**k ur gorgeous p***y.’ She replied, ‘oh pls daal do mere andar, I beg u, pls f**k me, I beg u, dalo andar.’ I slowly placed my d**k on her wet and oiled p***y and start sucking her earlobes crushing her boobs with my weight. I said breathing in her ears, ‘u want it?’ she was just shouting yes yes yes now and was pulling me.

By this time I really wanted to hurt her, so I pushed my complete d**k inside her with a single jerk She screamed in pain aah mardala, oh god!. I felt like penetrating a virgin just with more capacity to handle pain. I took my d**k out and pushed it back with same force. She screamed even louder and raised her back with legs wide open. She was biting her teeth and pulling the bed sheet. My d**k felt all ups and downs inside her p***y, it was tight and the most warm p***y ever. Her whole p***y region was emitting heat.

I slowly pulled my d**k out and entered very slowly feeling her p***y entirely It was a pleasure I can’t describe. With a few more push Sangeeta swayed her back and got her orgasm. She moaned out loud and I kept pumping her. She got all slippery inside now and the pleasure was multiplied. When Sangeeta orgasms her p***y had a different kind of contraction sucking my d**k in, I experienced and loved it for the first time.

Letting my d**k rest inside her wet p***y I started circling my tongue on her swollen nipples now. I was enjoying pressing and sucking her big globes which was making her ready again. I slowly got up and caught hold of both her legs in each hand spreading it far and started thrusting my whole body with hard pushes. It made her tummy and boobs shake and were a superb view. In between I kept slapping her bobs very mildly which aroused her extensively.  I got down and sucked her long tongue and she started pushing me down. She made me lie down and started sitting on my d**k. I surrendered completely to the heated bitch. She placed my d**k on her entrance and sat down slowly with her mouth wide open.  She repeated this a few times and then started riding my d**k fast. Her eyes were rolling with ecstasy and boobs bouncing rapidly.

I was enjoying the woman jumping on my c**k watching her boobs She placed both her hands wide on the bed and kept on riding when Pradeep with a loud grunt exploded on the bed with a few drops of cum. Sangeeta slowed down a bit watching her husband cum. Once Pradeep was done he took some heavy breaths and walked down to the bathroom with a smile. Sangeeta watched him walk down laying on top me. As he went inside the bathroom, Sangeeta unleashed the wild side of her. She instantly started riding me with great speed and kissed me all on the face. She kept saying I love u, oh I love you, I really need you love, oh yes, oh yes. Her soft boobs rubbing all over my chest, her tongue licking my neck and ear and her whole body going to and fro on my body with her p***y dripping on me made me bite my teeth.

I pushed my hand in between and started ma*saging her boobs with both hands and she suddenly changed her motion from to and fro on my body to making her whole upper body rest on my chest and pumping her p***y up and down on my d**k. This was really hardcore. I kept on ma*saging her left boob with my right hand and caught her back with my left hand and stroked my d**k up in her p***y. She was jumping on my d**k and I was f**king her from down. Within seconds I realized she was going to cum. I started pinching her nipple and said yes baby come on, come on my d**k and make it all wet. Give me your sweet cum you gorgeous naked woman. She rolled her eyes and gave her last hard pumps and held me super tight biting my shoulder and started trembling like earthquake. Liquid kept on flowing from her p***y on my d**k and balls and I was taking a second realizing what pleasure I was entitled to. She getting hold of her breath pushed her tongue in my mouth uttering I love you, oh I really love you. I closed my eyes and sucked her tongue feeling her whole body on me.

She got up from me and crashed by my side, and only then we realized Pradeep sitting on the pc chair and rubbing his limp c**k. With a seconds delay I got up from the bed and pulled Sangeeta on the floor and bend her in doggy style resting on the bed and facing the dressing table mirror. I put some oil on her a*s cheeks and p***y and rubbed it nicely making her p***y more slippery and a*s shinny. I placed my d**k down in her p***y and pushed it slowly inside her. She gasped for breath and moaned. I was in no interest to please her anymore and wanted to cum in that hot p***y now.

I caught her hips tightly and started pumping as I liked Occasionally spanking her a*s I watched her boobs bounce in the mirror. I said out loud, ‘oh Pradeep your wife is so beautiful and so hot, I love f**king her. I love her big boobs, her long tongue and her big a*s. I can f**k this woman every day. Oh yes.’ Pradeep smiled and Sangeeta moaned on my words and started pushing he a*s back. I was building to cum, so I got hold of her both boobs very tightly and increased my pace. Sangeeta started shouting, ‘yes come on baby, give me your hot liquid, I want it, I beg for it. Dal do mere andar sara.’ It was impossible to hold anymore and I f**ked like a dog. I pressed her boobs with all my force making her scream and pushed my cumming d**k so hard that she almost fell on the bed. I gave my last hard push and came right inside her p***y screaming, ‘ye lo, take this you bitch.’

I came with all power and fell on her back licking her neck I savored my d**k inside her and kissed her back. I let her boobs let go and licked her back. Pulling my d**k out I lied down on the bed exhausted and tired. This relation of ours continued for a couple of months and I really enjoyed f**king that marvelous woman. They have shifted back to Gujrat after Pradeep’s father expired. But we still meet sometimes. Now when I f**k my usual girls I always compare and miss f**king a tight and hot woman. 

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