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Is it legal to shop for sex toys on imbesharam.com?

The simple answer is YES.

Because we have already done the hard work of importing them through customs by filling all the documents to support the legality of these products, only after they get imported are we able to sell them in India. Our Custom consultants work with the department to properly classify these products and ensure we have the rights and permission to sell and distribute them in India.

Now there is a lot that goes behind the scene, which we will not bore you with. First, we avoid to label them as 'sex toys'. These are pleasure products, and we prefer not to label them as 'sex toys' due to the stigma and undue attention it gets.

Legal Explanation: Under the Indian Penal Code, 1860, Section 292 prohibits the sale of obscene objects. We argue with the department that these products are NOT OBSCENE and they are being used by an individual in the privacy of their own space, so the Indian Constitution grants each Indian citizen the freedom to their own space and rights to their privacy.

We take full responsibility for the products we sell, so you, the customer does not have to worry about it after having placed the order online. We export our products from the US, import them ourselves in India, pay import duties & taxes and clear customs, and bring your package to your door. So yes, it is LEGAL to shop for products on IMBesharam.com and use them in the privacy of your bedrooms.

Click here for the video explanation.


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