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In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, former porn star Sunny Leone talked about quitting the porn industry, her hatred for bad cologne, her monogamous relationship and the desire to start a family. The actress said that entering the porn industry came naturally to her and it wasn’t such a big deal telling her parents. When asked whether India would ever have a porn industry like the US she said that while the nation loves to watch porn on the sly, they don’t talk about it. She chose to stay on the safe side, saying people were conservative instead of labelling them hypocrites. She also has no qualms about her adult industry past, ‘I quit adult films even before I received the Bigg Boss offer,’ she said. Had it not been because of my past, I wouldn’t have reached where I have now.’ 

 The 32-year-old also talked about being in a monogamous relationship with her husband Daniel Weber who has always been supportive of her decisions and she plans to start a family. Here are some tips for her to get pregnant faster. 

 ‘My husband and I plan to buy a house in Mumbai soon. At this point of time, my priority is only Tina and Lolo, Ragini MMS 2 and Jackpot,’ said Sunny Leone. When quizzed about India’s attitude towards sex, she said Indians tended to have a distorted image of the US. ‘But let me tell you that the US is not as liberal as you guys seem to think. People don’t discuss sex over lunch and dinner.’ Even with her movies, Sunny’s been extremely busy, having signed up to endorse IMBesharam.com – India’s number 1 adult lifestyle webstore.

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Raj – a co-founder of the e-commerce site.

How did you rope in Sunny Leone to be your brand ambassador?

We came up with the idea in early 2010, and developed the business plan in early 2011. Knowing India’s fascination with Bollywood and celebs, we made a conscious decision of signing up Sunny Leone, who at that time was fresh from the success of her first Indian TV show Bigg Boss. Sunny Leone is every bit of besharamthat our brand is (No pun intended).She has always had a free lifestyle, a completely self-made woman, who has worked hard and stood her ground in face of criticism and cynicism. Finally, she is at a place where people have accepted her, they admire her, they respect her for what she is and the decisions she makes. She is  also an international face who was welcomed in India due to her Indian origins. We will be looking for a new face for 2014 and we plan to take an All India poll to vote for that face.

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