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‘I am monogamous by nature’

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Sunny Leone's life is a tell-all book. When Mirror met the former adult star, she was in a candid mood and spoke about her past, her monogamous marriage and her future plans. Excerpts:

How did your parents react when you first told them about your tryst with adult films? 
My parents knew my personality which is very independent. They were up against a very headstrong and opinionated person.The fact that I told them before any of our relatives did, helped the acceptance sink in faster. And it wasn't a plan. Adult films just happened and my career took off. But I guess I wouldn't have made it in the mainstream in the US. 

So what turns you on in a man? And what turns you off? 
An intelligent conversation is a turn on. Bad smelling colognes are a turn off. 

Buzz is, Pooja Bhatt and you had issues during Jism 2. Are you in touch with her? 
No, I am not. 

She made a statement that she had humanised you... 
I definitely didn't like that statement. Who would? I was very much a human before I met her. 

In hindsight, do you have any guilt about your past? 
No. Had it not been because of my past, I wouldn't have reached where I have now. 

Didn't your husband object about your work in adult films? 
No. He has always been supportive of all my decisions. He knows my every move in the day. And we have a monogamous relationship. 

Would you like to have babies? 
Yeah. I want to have a family. 

What's the plan? Have you set a stipulated time for yourself in Mumbai? 
My husband and I plan to buy a house in Mumbai soon. If this doesn't say that I wish to stay, I wonder what would. At this point of time, my priority is only Teena and Lolo, Ragini MMS 2 and Jackpot. 

And what about your career in adult films? 
I quit adult films even before I received the Bigg Boss offer. 

Would India ever have a porn industry like the one in the US? 
That will never happen. 

Here, people look down upon porn... 
No. I think they see it pretty often. That they don't talk about it is a different story. 

You mean they're hypocrites? 
Let's say they're conservative. But let me tell you that the US is not as liberal as you guys seem to think. People don't discuss sex over lunch and dinner. 

And a certain section openly detests you... 
I think the people in India who love me outnumber those who hate me. 

Has anyone acted fresh with you? 
Not yet. 

Amar Upadhyay tried to get close to you in Bigg Boss. He even lifted you in his arms... 
I haven't seen that man after Bigg Boss 6. And I really don't want to talk about him.


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