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A few months ago, the corporate office of a Mumbai-based adult online shopping company received a strange request from the female customer in Delhi: 120 tubes of chocolate flavoured edible body paints. The caller wanted to gift it as a return gift to young couples at the party which she and her husband were throwing. Unprepared for such a huge order for a single flavour, the company appeased her by offering an assortment of different flavours. 


The company, on its part, wins customer trust by ensuring that the products are packaged in tamperproof bags and are delivered discreetly at a time and place of the customer’s choice. The anonymity and convenience have emboldened the shoppers to haggle and ask for discounts on condoms and personal lubricants just like any other consumer goods. 

“We get customers who want an explanation on why the price is what it is. They want the thrill at the lowest price,” says Raj Armani, Chief Operating Officer, Imbesharam, a U.S. based company that has offices in Delhi and Mumbai, and claims to have a subscriber base of more than 1.5 lakh and viewership of 1.5 million on YouTube. 

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