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When was the last time any of you went shopping for a lingerie or you had to pick up condom at a medical store, and you found yourself in a slightly uncomfortable conversation/zone? See a quick video that shows the dilemma of a girl out to shop for a bra - 

Being the culture that gave the world, the KamaSutra, we as a nation never got the right outlet to express our sexual desires or the source to procure such ideas, products and accessories to experiment the same. Being creatures of curiosity, desire and always on search for better levels of happiness and satisfaction, the pursuit was always there. Hence there existed the gap between what we want or not knowing what we want and what is available/accessible to us. 

Now with major advances in technology, and R&D on consumer demand and requirements, the shape, packaging and appearance of such products has changed and now are readily available across global markets. So even though the means to such experiences are readily available, the access and availability has been the equally bigger challenge so far.

Enter the 2000's and the big tech boom in India, where Internet has bridged the gap between demand and supply for FMCG, real estate, plumbers and electricians, food and medicines, health and wellness, so it was just logical for a brand to take the big step and introduce to India the amazing collection that is available across the border for romance, parties, foreplay, lovemaking, kinkiness and adventure of a different kind behind bedroom doors. Why would you want to shop for these products in a retail environment, where you have to be attract attention and open up to your needs, when you can do exactly same in the privacy and comfort of your bedroom and indoors...

You can take your time browse through various products that you know or don't know of, google them immediately online and look how it works, what other users have to say and if that is the experience you are looking for, compare with other sources and shop for the best price, and place the order after you have done your proper research. Select to prepay or get it on COD and have it delivered to your place or get it picked up at the local couriers office...Even the order comes in a discreet package, no branding or mention of the contents inside, the package is insured for the order value and the brand takes responsibility for the quality of products and for them to be authentic and sourced from the actual manufacturers. 

These benefits cannot be availed in the retail setting, nor can a consumer make such a well thought of and researched decision in investing in a product that will be used intimately, and maybe an essential elements in a romantic occasion. Apart from these obvious benefits, your transaction with the brand, (for example IMbesharam.com) will never reflect in your bank statements (It will show Happy Birds Inc or ShiningStar India) and nobody other than yourself will know about this. See a short video of how we have explained: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdWuaBqgLsCrscSqU8pP6SvxO1eS3rcNg

Weddings in India are a series of events and occasions, and we have a great assortment of products that are perfect for each such occasion, be for pre-wedding (bachelor and youth parties), wedding (honeymoon & night of wedding) and post wedding (honeymoon and anniversaries) occasions. We carry an elusive range of brands that cater to such occasions and  are popular world over like Fifty Shades of Grey, Lelo, Sex & Mischief, We Vibe, Jimmy Jane, OhMiBod, Kama Sutra, Booty Parlor, Bijoux Indiscrets, Baci Lingerie, Leg Avenue Lingerie, Rene Rofe Lingerie and many more.

The new age Indian audience wants the spunk in their relationships, they no longer want to stay and experience the ordinary, the couples are looking for more exciting and unique experiences pre/post and during weddings. This change has pf course been in the happening for last several years, with the onset of internet and the travel choices of Indians, and access to western lifestyle, the modern women is high spirited, independent and quite vocal about their choices and thus also drive the demand. On such occasions, Traditional gifting like chocolates and flowers are very passe and outdated they are constantly being being replaced by toys, games, lubes and romance kits which we have a lovely, endearing and an attention grabbing collection. For that matter the audience is also willing to experiment with light bondage and kingdom as evident from the surge in sales post Fifty Shades of Grey, the book and movie phenomenon.

The sign of times is that you can now get what you want, how naughty and how mischievous you want to be is up to you, but hey if you want ideas, grab any romance book or head to your google search page, and start there, we are sure you will arrive at our store in no time, and so shall your order once you found your naughty secret!


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