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From body paints and sensual adult games to men choosing their partner’s lingerie... an increasing number of city couples are shedding inhibitions and adding fun to their bedroom capers, according to a recent survey. the guide peeps through the keyhole

After a year of marriage, when 25-year-old yoga trainer Akriti Saxena found her sex life getting monotonous, she decided to spice things up along with her partner. “I did some online research and bought a sex dice. Instead of numbers, each die face has a body part written on it. You have to roll it and the part that faces up gets physical attention from the partner. My husband, a banker, agreed to buy it, and it actually helped us make our foreplay more exciting,” reasons Saxena.

Saxena isn’t the only one scouting online for such products. From using edible lingerie and massage candles to buying flavoured lubricants for enhanced performance, Mumbai seems to be going all out to experiment between the sheets, according to the latest survey conducted by Thatspersonal.com that sells adult products. With a sample size of 21,000 buyers and two millions visitors, the survey measured the emerging trends in the city’s bedrooms and threw up some interesting findings.

Sample this: 44% of adult game purchases on the portal were from Mumbai. Women seem to be fans of body paint as 44% of the total buys were from the city. And, if you thought men had no clue about the kind of lingerie their partners prefer, here’s a fun fact: In this city, men are the predominant buyers of women’s lingerie with a score of 39%. Time to ask your guy to choose those lacy ones for you next time, eh?

Maximum city = maximum pleasure

According to the survey, among the five metros (Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru being the other four), Mumbai accounts for 35% of the overall sales of the portal, making it one of the highest buyers of adult products. Moreover, the online traffic from Mumbai has increased by 307% over the last six months contributing to a whopping 251% increase in the sales value over the same period. In a city where hectic lifestyles are a given, relieving stress with some bedroom fun is surely high on Mumbai’s agenda.

Samir Saraiya, CEO, Thatspersonal.com says, “Mumbai is more experimental compared to other Indian cities. Couples are also early adopters of new products introduced on our portal. We’ve seen a phenomenal increase in growth from across the country and Mumbai has obviously been one of the highest performers.”

Privacy, an important factor While one might be embarrassed to buy condoms or lubricants at a pharmacy, online shopping offers a great deal of privacy, which is one of the main reasons for the increase in these numbers. Portals like Imbesharam and Thatspersonal offer just that. “We offer services like discreet delivery and customer self-pickup. These are instrumental in boosting our sales. While the city is opening up with regard to talking about sex more openly, I believe online purchases are more than say, buying from a retail outlet,” informs Saraiya.

Can these products boost intimacy?

While adult products can undoubtedly heighten the pleasure, do they actually help strengthen the bond between

partners? Consultant psychiatrist and sexologist Dr Pavan Sonar definitely thinks so. He elaborates, “Any new experiment or product, which doesn’t cause physical harm or chemical injury, is good. There is nothing wrong in adding them to sexual experiences. They help to keep the bonding intact over time and provide new avenues to experience erotica.”

What the numbers say?


Of total sales from Mumbai are contributed by women. The figure is one of the highest across the country.


Of overall purchases from Mumbai are condoms.


Of gifting orders on Thatspersonal.com are placed from the city.
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