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Talking about sex has been a taboo in conservative India. But, moving on with the changing world, India's scenario has changed too. Many things that found no mentioned years before are now slowly filtering into common casual conversation among people. Also the society has gradually come to accept many things that were once taboo as common place now.

Likewise, sexual wellness products also have been a taboo in India since many years and so here comes IMBesharam to cater to the niche market target.  Taking a bold step, the company has launched sexual wellness products, as an innovative online solution for many. Customers can now place the order the products online and not have to let anybody encroach their comfort levels or privacy zones.

“There are a few challenges that we face when doing business in Indian market, but the one that is the root of most problem is: Challenges due to perception. This issue comes up every time we import our products, or like to market our brand in print, TV or other online and offline media,” says Raj Armani, co founder of IMBesharam.

IMBesharam attempts to jazz up the hectic lifestyle of Indians and provide them products to fulfill their needs to relax. The website has vast range of products from adult products to fragrances, lingerie to gels.

The products range from female hygiene and care, Lightening and tightening creams, Energy shots and male enhancement creams and sprays, pregnancy tests and intimate wash, condoms and lubes, toys (that are not obscene looking and can pass as shoulder/feet massager).

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