How To Apply Baci Eyelashes

The eyes are windows to the soul, as many a poet has said – and women everywhere have used a variety of ways to play up those “windows.” From kohl eyeliner to mascara, eye shadow to false eyelashes, women employ a wide variety of ways to make their eyes look sexier, smokier, and wider to enhance their look and inspire attractive, standout confidence.

Of the various methods, applying faux (false) eyelashes is now one of the easiest (and most fun!) with Baci Eyelashes from With new glue technology, softer lashes, and a larger variety of styles than ever before, you can apply your favorite Baci Eyelash styles with ease!

Here are 6 easy steps to give your eyes “Glamour in the Blink of an Eye!”

1. Trim the Baci Eyelashes.  If the lash is wider than your eye, trim one side of it lash by lash to create a custom fit.
2. Apply lash adhesive.  Along the back of lash strip, apply a small amount of Baci’s supplied adhesive with the plastic applicator; another option is to apply the adhesive onto the back of your hand and run the lash strip through it.  Tip: Wait 15-30 seconds after applying adhesive, or until it gets a bit “tacky,” before applying to lids.
3. Apply the lashes.  Using tweezers or a delicate hand, pick up the lash strip and gently apply to your eyelid.  Bring it as close to your natural lash line as possible.
4. Hold still.  Pressing the lash strip on from end to end, hold it still until the adhesive completely dries (approximately 30-60 seconds).
5. Apply makeup (only when using Baci’s natural-look eyelashes).  Apply mascara while pressing your finger behind the lash strip to keep it firmly in place.  This will help bond the false lash strip with your natural lashes.
6. Fill in gaps.  Fill in any gaps between the false and natural eyelashes with eyeliner for a polished look.


Now you have all the basic tips to help experiment with faux (false) eyelashes. Trust us – it’s easier than it looks, and you’ll have the application down in no time! The only problem you’ll face? Picking from the giant variety of award-winning lashes that Baci carries!

Be glamorous. Be confident. Be an individual.


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