How To Remove False Eyelashes

How To Remove False Eyelashes

Removing false eyelashes can be as important as the process of applying fake eyelashes. False eyelashes attach just above your upper eyelash line with a semi-permanent glue. The removal of false eyelashes is a delicate process because your real eyelashes can easily be stripped away if you are not careful. Below are steps to take in order to make sure the removal process of your false eyelashes from IMbesharam is easy and painless.

1. Buy some eyelash glue remover. Be sure to read the label to see if you are allergic to any ingredients. The glue remover may have a smell like nail polish remover because it is a mild solvent.

2. Remove your makeup. This will make it easier to see where your fake and real eyelash lines start. Warm, steamy water will also help remove the glue from your pores more easily.

3. Place a strip of lash glue remover on a cotton swab until it is thoroughly damp.

4. Stand in front of a mirror. You will need to see what you are doing in order to ensure you are placing the lash glue remover on the right areas. You should also opt for a mirror that is over a sink, in case you need to wash your eyes or your hands.

5. Put the cotton swab in your dominant hand and pull down gently on the corner of 1 of your upper eyelids with the opposite hand. Now your upper eyelashes should be pointing down and you should have a better view of your upper lash line where the false eyelashes are attached.

6. Move your cotton swab with glue remover across the lash line from the outer corner to the inner corner. Work the swab from outer corner to inner corner repeatedly as the remover starts to dissolve the lash glue.

7. After about 15 swipes of the cotton swab, try to grab the end of the false eyelashes with your dominant thumb and forefinger. It should respond to the touch and start to come off with very little effort. If it does not feel as though the end of the lash line is easy to grab and remove, place some more lash glue remover on a new cotton swab and repeat what you have already done.

8. Grab the end of the false eyelash line and gently lift it so that it is perpendicular to the lash line. You do not want to pull, in case your real lashes are entangled with the fake ones. If that is the case, try to separate them with baby oil or olive oil.

9. Continue to lift until the whole line is safely removed.

10. Put more eyelash glue remover on the other end of the cotton swab. Place it by your lash line, where your false lashes were, in order to remove all excess glue. It can linger for days and get stuck in your real lashes if you do not remove it right away.

11. Repeat the process on the other eye.

12. Wash and rinse your eye lids using a mild face wash.

For a short video on how to remove your eyelashes, Click Here.

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