Independence Day Deal - 69% off your orders

Independence Day Deal - 69% off your orders

Hello Friends,

What a novel way to celebrate the 69th Independence day, both outside and inside of our bedroom walls, other than getting the biggest, baddest and the most amazing deal had ever ever announced. We are equally patriotic as bold, naughty and generous too! Here is how you get the 69% off deal sent to you direct.

Just Tweet what makes you a proud Indian with this tag #IMIndian and cc: @IMbesharam to it OR Post a the same emotion or proud feeling to your Facebook wall and tag #IMIndian as well as cc: @IMbesharam

Every Tweet & FB mention will be eligible to get the 69% off code. We will be actively monitoring social media and will private message you the code soon we see that mention. You can then use that code to place your order same day.

As simple as it gets. Any questions, just email us at

For Ex: I am the face of the new India, face of freedom for men & women alike, freedom of speech, expression, pursuit and choice/ #IMIndian cc: @IMbesharam

There you go, I just earned my 69% off.

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