Besharam Movie or Besharam Webstore?

Who would have thought that Ranbir and Sunny would have something in common?

Well as many find out now, they do and that is the brand/title they are associated with - BESHARAM. Besharam is the name of a Online Adult Lifestyle Webstore based in US and aimed at Indian audiences worldwide (pretty neat you'd think, Besharam is what a Besharam does) with Sunny Leone as the face of the brand and Besharam is also the name of the new movie that stars Ranbir Kapoor and Pallavi Shardha along with Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, directed by Abhinav Kashyap, who had earlier directed Dabang which became a sleeper blockbuster. 

This news of a conflict of audience came as a shock to some and a surprise to some, while others like us chuckled as to whats the big deal? We all are Besharam's , just nobody speaks about it out there, how else do you explain the 1.3 billion population. We all have a favorite past time and not many people are willing to renounce that pleasure for other worldly achievements. So why this big noise?

A silly oversight by the news media that broke this news which claims that it was shocked to see this happen and that Besharam the website is stealing the thunder of Besharam the movie, here is some food for thought. 

First see attached link: you broke the news last August same time that Sunny is very excited about her new endorsement and cant wait for it to go LIVE.

Second, Besharam brand was conceptualized in 2010 in the US and is a trademark owner under multiple classes in the US including online retail, movie, film and entertainment. The domain was registered much before the movie name Besharam was announced and the marketing for Besharam, the web store had already commenced in Feb'2012 when the producers of Besharam were fighting over rights over the movie. The facebook page has about 150k fans, and its youtube channel has over 400k views So technically, factually and obviously, what you claim is quite incorrect and a disservice to your audience.

Third, we are very delighted you decided to feature our co-incidences, but you may want to get your facts right. It just requires you to click a few buttons, read some articles, check out the social networks and contact a reliable source to get the facts, after that you do what you are good at. We would love to see more of freedom of press, but only if it is to impress.

Here is the link to that news article and also attached is a snapshot of the same article in print.


Sunny's new TV commercial which has been considered TOO hot for TV and wasnt given the permission to air on Indian Television. See it here, and Share it with your friends.


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