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Hello fellow Besharam’s, hope everyone is doing great. Team Besharam has some exciting stuff planned for you guys. We have come up with a referral program where you make money when you refer a friend and they buy something from our website. Please click on this link to join our referral program. Let us teach you how to use it to your advantage.


1. To get yourself started, fill in your e-mail address and name. Once you enter your e-mail address and name, you will be taken to your personalized referral page.


2. Next, you will see your personalized referral corner page. Here you will see various options to share the coupon codes with your friends via e-mail, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or copy the link and share it however you want.


3. When you click on "Share your Referral Coupon via email", you will be sent an e-mail which will have the code that you can forward and share with your friends. You can share the link with as many friends as you like. The more people you refer, the better your chances of getting the full referral reward allowed. Remember that there is a limit of 5 rewards you can receive for referring your friends. You will see an e-mail from IMBesharam. See the screenshots below for a visual example.


4. How about sharing the coupon with all your friends on Facebook. Facebook is one of the top social media sites. This is a good way to reach a large number of your friends with just a small amount of work. When you post the link via Facebook it will look this.


5. Now let's try another very popular social media site, Twitter. Here is an example of what you will see when you post your personalized referral code on Twitter.


6. Once you have let all your friends know about the amazing referral program you just found, it is time for your friends to get rewarded. Now it is time for your friends to take advantage of your generosity and click on the link you sent them via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or whichever way you decided to share this great opportunity with them. Once they click on the link, It will take them to a page which will have their personal discount code. All they have to do is click on the "Take Me To The Store" button and they are now on India's #1 Adult Lifestyle Webstore,


7. Now it is time for your friends to browse the largest selection of adult products available in India. Once your friends have found the right products for them, they click on "Add to Cart" and they are ready to checkout. Now it is time to checkout. Your friends can go to the top right corner of and click on the shopping cart icon and then click on view cart. After they have chosen their shipping and delivery preferences, they can click on the "Secure Checkout" button. If they are not already signed into their account, they will be prompted to sign in or shop as a guest. We suggest signing in so you can track your order from your account page. Next, they enter their billing and shipping address and click on "Continue to Next Step". Here is where they will enter their personalized discount code that they received. This will deduct Rs 250 from the total cart amount.


8. To track your reward click on the track rewards link.  Note: you only get rewards when your friends actually buy the products and you are limited to a total of 5 referral rewards.


9. After that you have to associate a password to your account. Fill in the e-mail address which you used to enter your referral page and add a password of your choice.


10. When you enter the password and click on create new account, you will be sent an e-mail with the activation link.


11. This is the body of the e-mail you will see which will have the activation link. Click on the link to activate your account.


12. When you click on the activation link, It will direct you to a page which will say that your e-mail has been verified and now you can view your rewards that you have earned.


You can login to your page at any time and track the rewards you have accumulated thanks to your friends shopping at


You did your job and shared this awesome site with all your friends.Now start getting your list ready because once your friends make their purchases on, it will be your turn to get rewarded. So sit back, relax, and wait for the rewards to start rolling in. Happy Shopping!

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