Dear Clitoris, Pleasure Meeting You

Dear Clitoris, Pleasure Meeting You

“There's a lady who's sure, All that glitters is gold,
And she's buying a stairway to heaven 
When she gets there she knows” - Led Zeppelin

Fortunately, if you are a vulva owner, you do not need to buy a stairway to (sexual pleasure) heaven. You only need to discover, meet and greet the mystery piece called the ‘Clitoris’. 

The root of the name itself is a giveaway - “clitoris” comes from Ancient Greek “kleitoris” which refers to ‘little hill’, and may also be related to the word “kleis” meaning ‘key’. So, you may or may not have already heard about Ms.C, but we assure you, climbing this ‘little hill’ will be the ‘key’ to having your and your partner’s worlds turned upside down (pun intended!).

Meet Clitoris (Ms.C)

Who, Where?

Clitoris is often described as the ‘holy grail’ of female sexual pleasure. But just like both the holy grail and aspects of female pleasure, it too has been surrounded in mystery and misunderstandings. To bust these, let’s rely on science and jump straight into the basics of Who Ms. C is? How does she look? and Where can you find her?

The female reproductive system is beautifully arranged in layers, much like a woman’s heart itself. Most widely accepted research now agrees on this structure. You begin with the vulvar region which is the outermost, most visible part of the arrangement. The outer lips (Labia Majora), give way to the inner lips (Labia Minora) and as you graze your fingers alongside the inner lips, right at the crest sits the pot of gold, the Clitoris. 

Now, the external appearance is that of a small nub, but don’t let that fool you. Not only is this nub often protected by a Hood (like all priceless things should be), but the clitoral structure actually goes way inward into the vagina, designed aptly like a wishbone! The Hood helps prevent unnecessary harm to this delicate beauty (dirt, irritation, bad friction, overstimulation etc,), while the internal setup branches into two legs around the vaginal wall and two bulbs.

Fun Fact#1: The Clitoris is the only known (so far) part of the human body with the sole purpose of acting as a sexual pleasure centre.

Fun Fact#2: The clitoris usually has about 8000 nerve endings, all for your pleasure!!

Fun Fact#3: Since the Clitoris has both external and internal presence, the female body can have sexual stimulation with or without penetrative sex. The famous G-spot is essentially Ms. C’s internal most sensitive point.

Does the last point sound familiar? Well it's because much like the penis that can experience external and internal sexual stimulation, the clitoris performs a similar function. Which brings us to the next part.

 What Can The Clitoris Do and Why Should You Care?

Clitoris can be described as the “Grand Central Station of erotic sensation” - Sex educator and researcher Emily Nagoski in her book ‘Come As You Are’

With the abundance of free nerve endings, the clitoral structure on the inside is essentially a mass of intensely sensitive tissue. When appropriate sexual stimulation is offered, it gushes with a rapid flow of blood to inflate itself, allowing maximum possibilities of orgasm. 

As is often the case with most females, penetrative sex alone does not bring about pleasure/ orgasm. Voila, enter Ms.C! Whether you are masturbating, practising oral pleasure with your partner, are pregnant, on periods, or have trouble with painful penetrative sex, Ms. C is here to save the day, and make it more fun. 

The rapid flow of blood means extra lubrication for the vaginal space. This added lubrication further translates into adequate stimulation and readies the body for the peak orgasmic state with or without penetration. Magical right? The key here though is ‘appropriate stimulation’ of the Clitoris; that brings us to the good stuff with fun, actionable sex tips.

How Do You Meet & Greet The Clitoris Pleasurably?

Now that you know who & where Ms. C is, and what she can do for you. The only piece of the puzzle is how. How do you/your partner meet & greet Ms. C for mutual pleasure?

Fingers or Oral Pleasure

The simplest, most organic manner of happy clitoral meetup is to play around  externally with your fingers. Eventually, as you find your groove, you can guide yourself/your partner to join in, maybe even internally. Soft, gentle motion or light pressure on the vulva ending at the clitoris is a superb way to get the clitoris very happy! You can shake and mix things up occasionally by using the tongue too. 

Rolling, scooping and side-to-side clitoral stimulation with the tongue can all get you and your partner steamed up. What always helps is good hand hygiene and lots of lubrication. Throw in some women sex toys and you are in for a cosmic joy ride. And you will be happy to know, in spite of the contentious subject it has been, sex toys for women are now easily available in India. 

Sexual Positions

Why leave out Ms.C during the penetration game. Certain sex positions such as the table top, missionary, sideways missionary, cowgirl etc. offer great access to the external part of the clitoris   and can hit the G-Spot more often than not. 

Toys, Vibrators and Massagers

Finally, you need to make intentional clitoral stimulation a part of your sex routine. Whether while masturbating or during penetrative intercourse. You can choose among a range of adult toys, buy vibrators online, even experiment with body massagers, without burning a hole in your pocket. In India sex toys are carefully curated with safe to use, easy to clean materials. The best part is you can choose among the smaller, portable sex toys and gradually move on to other options as you advance on your pleasure exploration journey!!


Here are the top 5 clitoral vibrators :

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