Decoding Female Orgasm

Decoding Female Orgasm

Orgasm and Women

Orgasm and Woman

What is more interesting is that different women describe their feelings of reaching climax differently depending on their sexual experiences. When it comes to decoding the female orgasm secret, one can glance through several publications, books, online reviews, and whatnot. But going through all of this, men especially still remain confused as to what they should be doing to give their lady partners an orgasm. Don’t worry guys, IMbesharam has come up with various tactics for decoding female orgasms. Read on, so you can go home tonight and have your lady moan with joy and pleasure.

Orgasm and relaxation

Orgasm and relaxation

Did you know that orgasms can relieve pain? Yes, that's correct. The big ‘O' is not just a fun way to spend the night, but also has great healing properties that treat anything from headaches to pre-menstrual syndrome(PMS) in women. Natural chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are released during an orgasm, making us feel happy, flushed, and warm. When they enter the bloodstream, these chemicals can induce both pleasure-enhancing and pain-relieving sensations. Cramps can be one of the most painful aches that women experience every month. Before an orgasm, a woman’s uterus is more relaxed, but at the moment of climax, the blood flow increases, helping to relieve the cramp. So, the next time your woman has cramps, don't reach for the painkiller; instead, give her an orgasm.

Mix it up in the bedroom

Mixing things up in the bedroom can give your lady the orgasm she's always looking for. Taking a different approach when it comes to sex can really mix things up in the bedroom for both partners. Especially for a woman, mixing things up can spice up the sex life and she can achieve an orgasm much faster and easily. Giving her more oral sex will ensure orgasm, along with other romantic gestures like fingering her vagina and kissing her passionately. Guys, it's time to practice those tongue exercises and get busy! Having sex for a longer period of time will also help ensure an orgasm.

According to studies, you would want to give her at least 15 minutes of your undivided attention. Only then will she be aroused in a way that she would want to orgasm.


Finding her G-Spot and experimenting with it will improve the likelihood of her orgasming. To get to the G-spot, you can start by massaging her outside first. Never underestimate the power of a sensual massage. This will not only relax her but also provide her with a great deal of pleasure. Then slowly start to massage her insides, which will lead you to find her G-Spot! Don't shy away now, go ahead and play with it until she has the orgasm of a lifetime and then do it again!

Make her comfortable

A woman's sexual self-esteem can affect the quality of her orgasm. Make sure you compliment your woman in bed and, of course, outside of your sexual zone as well. Buy her sexy lingerie so that she can show it off to you in the bedroom and feel good about herself. It is highly important for her to feel this way and have confidence because, in turn, she will also be returning the favour to you.

Having sex in front of a mirror can also help increase both partners' self-esteem. Looking at each other’s body and making love can stimulate a lot of things and make partners appreciate each other in a lot of different ways, boosting each other’s self-confidence.

Caring for your lady is important. One needs to give equal emphasis to orgasm for both. We hope you gained a good understanding of female orgasm, and please leave your suggestions in the comments.

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