I am 17 yrs old..young i started watching p**n since 14..i masturbate every time i watch p**n..my body is becoming weak..how can i control it?????should i stop watching p**n???and my p***s size is 6 inches now.is it ok???

Seems like you are not a late bloomer at 17 you are at your physical peek, watching porn is not bad, just don't get additcted to it or you will have issues getting arroused. If you are feeling weak then you need to slow down, consuming protien will definaltely take care of that issue. As far as 6" go well that can go a long way. That is average so you don,t have anything to be worried about. This is what i have to say about that - " Its not the size of the boat its all about the motion in the ocean"

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