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Body Accessories

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Body Accessories

Sexualize your lingerie with the seducing accessories that tease your partner to touch, embrace and experience the goddess you are! Inspired by the theme of eroticism and magnetism, the Accessories collection can awake the sex goddess inside every woman! The hand-picked Accessories Collection features a delicious range of elegant accessories that highlight your erogenous zones for the limelight.

Use the accessories to draw your partner's attention to your favorite spot, or drop them a hint of what is coming for them under the sheets- these fun and sexy accessories will pump up your erotic play. We love the pizzazz and comfort this collection brings you, and we are sure you will too! You can conveniently wear these accessories on your body and let the sparkling design highlight your erogenous zones for your partner to drool on. Adorn your supple breasts and perky nipples like a cherry on a cupcake waiting to be devoured with the beautiful Burlesque Pasties. If you aren't looking for feathered or tasseled pasties, we recommend simple heart and star-shaped body stickers for the peek-a-boo magic.

Celebrate your Inner Diva with the indulgence these accessories offer- set the mood, turn up the passion and let your orgasms take charge.
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