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About Sex Products in India

An Introduction to Sexuality in India

For a country that prides in calling itself “the land of Kamasutra”, we are awfully shy to discuss sex. Expression of sexuality continues to be suppressed in the otherwise multicultural Indian society, which is the reason why sex as well as sex products in India, are still considered a taboo.

As a result, the world of sexual desires is clouded and blurred for most people in India. We are unable to explore our bodies, look for sex products online, discuss sexuality, or even masturbate, which is otherwise supposed to be a healthy pleasure for the human body. The norms of patriarchy and misogyny make it worse for women. The tendency to hate that which is not normative, makes LGBTQ, a question; in a country which claims to have propounded the very foundation of the art of lovemaking.

Even in the 21st century, despite globalization and internet, which has made the whole world into a small and accessible place, there are porn bans. However, one of the things that the internet has opened up for people is that it has contributed to the rise in usage of sex products in India. In this sense, sex products have given us Indians a fresh perspective towards pleasure.

Adult products are aimed at sexual fulfillment, which is an important aspect of mental, emotional as well as physical wellness. Masturbation or enjoying sex is no longer a repressed desire. Rather, because of sex products in India, people have been able to try and fulfill their sexual desires.

With the increase in the number of online stores selling adult products, more and more Indians are now looking for sex products online in India. This is coupled with a change in cultural attitude and adopting a more liberal perspective towards bodily needs and sexual expression. We are becoming kinkier in our bedrooms and this gets reflected in the demand for sex products online in India.


Why do Indians prefer buying sex products online?

Many countries around the world have brick and mortar stores that sell sex products. These include United States, many European countries, South Korea, etc. All these countries have opened up the dialogue around sex. Indians are however, yet to get there, slowly and steadily. Even though the demand for sex toys and sex products in India has increased, it continues to be a secret affair.

The rise of Internet and the online marketplace has thankfully made this possible. Availability of sex products online makes it so much easier for Indians. Features like discreet packaging and confidential payment of such products has also provided access to kinky fun. Some online stores even provide the facility to pick up the deliveries from nearest courier stores at convenient times.


Sex Products in India and Gender and Sexual Discourse

In the beginning, most sex products in India were available only for women. With time, sexual products online are available not just for mainstream but all genders and roles. This plays the role of an enabler, for everyone, no matter their gender or orientation. Hence, there’s a wide variety of sex toys in India now and in the following sectiopns, let’s take a look at various categories of sex products available online.


Sex Products for Men

Unlike a few years back, there has been extensive addition to the variety of sex products online for men. Sex products like condoms and sleeves both provide barrier protection with the latter even having enhancers. Apart from penis rings and butt plugs, there are other premium products for penetration like fleshlights, sex dolls, blowup dolls, etc.


Sex Products for Women

Sex products in India for women have always been in demand. There are masturbators for women like clitoral vibrators, insertable vibrators, dildos, etc. There are also male sex dogs, strapons, butt plugs that let you experiment in imaginative ways.


Sex Products for Couples

There are multiple adult products available in the online market to spice up the sexual relationship of couples. For men having premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, hollow strapons will satisfy their partners. These can also be used by women for their male partners. Similarly, there are vibrating penis rings which enable the man to keep his erection for longer, as well as stimulate the clitoris of women.


Sex Products for alternative practices like LGBTQ and BDSM

Sex products online in India are not just for conventional couples. There is a wide variety of toys for BDSM practitioners. Also called kink toys, these include bondage kits, blindfolds, handcuffs, ticklers, floggers, etc. Similarly, for the LGBT community, there are double ended dildos, strapons, strokers, sex dolls etc. available


Other Adult Products in India

Apart from the ones mentioned above, a variety of sex products in India are available online. These include fetish wear (for kinksters), lubes (to make things smooth), toy cleaners (disinfectants to keep your sex toys hygienic) and pheromones (products designed for sexual attraction).


Other Fun Adult Products Online

Just when one would think that this is the end of variety available on sex products online, you’ll be surprised (and maybe excited!) to find out about other interesting sex products like games, edible lingeries and edible candy bras. You can eat your partner naked, quite literally.


Where to Buy Sex Products in India?

If you are from a metropolitan city, sex products can be found even offline at some stores or vendors. For example, Delhiites can visit Palika Bazar to buy sex products while Mumbaikars can go to the famous Fort street for a variety of masturbators and other sex enhancers. However, if you are from a Tier-II or Tier-III town in India, the best option for you is to buy sex products online.

While buying from the local vendor, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. You have to ensure that the material of which the product is made of is of good quality. Further, you might have to bargain hard as the price quoted can be a bit high. In most cases, you do not have any return policy or warranty for any of the products.


Why buy Online Sex Products in India from IMBesharam?

Compared to from your local vendor, buying sex products online in India has several advantages. There are a number of websites where you can buy sex products online in India. One of the oldest and most reliable websites to buy sex products online is Imbesharam.com.

Started 7 years ago, IMB store has satisfied thousands of customers so far. The IMB catalogue has a wide range of products at affordable prices. We have partnered with manufacturers across the world and ensure that only the best quality product reaches our customers. We provide FREE international shipping to all our customers in discreet packaging so that you can accept the package without being shy or awkward. Otherwise, you can even pick up the order from the courier facility at the time of your choice.

Our excellent customer feedback service assists you at every step of your journey of buying sex toys in India; from the ordering of the best and most suitable sex toy for you to its delivery. The next time you think of buying sex products online in India, and if you’re not already our fan, we invite you to come and experience our commitment to your pleasure once!

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