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About Sex Toys for Women

Sex Toys for Women – A 101 guide

While there is a large market for sex toys for women, there are as many myths about female sex toys as there are about male sex toys. Sex toys are only for younger women, sex products are only for single women, sex toys are for sluts, sex toys in India are not really available, sex toys are used when one’s partner cannot satisfy one. The list is endless.

So, we have decided to bring this 101-guide about female sex toys in India for you, where we will not just bust these myths about sex toys for women, but also talk in detail about the types, availability, and maintenance of female sex toys, and where to find them.

The Purpose of Female Sex Toys

Sex toys for women are usually their props to explore their own pleasure. Women may use it when they are alone, or they may use it to enhance their experience when with their partners. There is nothing to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about when it comes to female sex toys.

Often women use adult toys for themselves because they want to experience their intimacy with themselves. Women toys may be objects, but one needs to remember that the person using them is still a person. Hence female toys often help a woman in connecting with her sexual self better. What kind of female sex toys a woman may use, is a different discussion, but it is certain that if chosen correctly, the right sex toys for women will always enhance their pleasure immensely.

Similarly, when used with a partner, adult products and adult toys can enhance the shared pleasure a lot. There are toys that are designed for couples, toys women can use on men, toys men can use on women and other such products. Incorporating these little bundles of pleasure can really improve the quality of people’s sex lives and how they experience erection, orgasm, desire, pleasure and satisfaction together.

Benefits of Sex Toys for Women

Sex toys for women have multiple benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Female sex toys provide an opportunity to women to explore their sexuality. They help in building sexual confidence.
  2. Sex toys for women are designed in a way that they directly target the pleasure spots in the human body. So, there’s no need to struggle and find the right spots.
  3. Sexy toys for women come in various forms, types, sizes and hence offer a range of experience for women. When we look at the types of female sex toys it will become clear how they facilitate hard orgasms.
  4. Female Sex Toys are a safe way of exploring sexuality. They avoid risk of pregnancy and if maintained well and hygienically, they are risk free. One just needs to take some basic precautions that we will discuss after we look at the types of sex products available for women.
  5. Sexy toys for women facilitate women in dealing with the cultural impositions of when and with whom can women freely have sex.

Various types of Sex Toys for Women in India

There is a wide range of sex toys in India that is available for women. They range from massagers, vibrators, to insertable dildos and dual stimulation devices. There are even female toys that can be used for pleasuring a woman with her partner. A lot of these women toys for sex are electronic in nature and hence need to be maintained with certain precautions.

The first category of these toys is Vibrators

Vibes or vibrators as they are commonly called are electronic sex toys for women. Vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris or the vagina by the use of electricity or battery. Sometimes women also experience stimulation around their anal opening with a low level setting of vibrations. Vibrators come with different speed and movement settings based on which part of the erogenous zones they are meant to stimulate. They may be fixed or adjustable when it comes to their settings

Clitoral Vibrators

Sex isn’t about just insertion, and insertion isn’t the only way to achieve pleasure or an orgasm for women. The rest of the erogenous zones of a woman include her labia, clitoris, and vulva and each of them has lots of nerve endings. Each of them can be stimulated for sexual pleasure. Any clitoral stimulators or clitoral vibrators do just that. They stimulate the clitoris.

Vibes come in a wide variety. There is a range of intelligent designs, multiple vibration patterns remote controls and the ladies are in for a delicious treat! Some of the common shapes available for clitoral vibrator sare the bullet, the vibrating egg, the wands and specially designed vibes that have some or the other sort of knob at the head.

Some models in clitoral vibrators come in a very discreet shape and size. There are also mini vibrators. The mini vibrators can be both discreet and customizable. These sex toys for women are easy to carry and absolutely non-embarrassing.

Bullet Vibrators

They are usually the most economical and basic form of sex toys for women and that makes them the perfect choice for both ‘time alone’ as well as ‘time with one’s partner’. Compact in size, tapered nip design and powerful stimulations can be used, not just at the clit of the woman but also on other sensitive parts like her labia or even nipples.

Hand Vibrators and Finger Vibrators

Men who bring in these tiny little sex toys for women, experience what intensity of pleasure can be achieved by their women, in their intimate time together. This little toy often leaves the lady wanting and screaming for more in throes of passion. Easily held in the hand or worn on the finger, these cute little female sex toys can make women experience a whole new level of pleasure!


This is ingenious creativity of people before sex toys were mainstream. Massagers were ideally meant to just massage. However, when sex toys in India were not as easily available, it was important that people use whatever they had access to. During those times, massagers were often used for erotic pleasure, especially outer skin like breasts, thighs etc.

Insertable Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot vibrators are designed in a way that they helps in locating the hard-to-find G-spot. These female sex toys are designed in a way that their curved tip directly targets the G-spot. The woman experiences power inner stimulation, excitement and satisfaction as a result.

Rabbit vibrators

These masturbation toys for women are known as rabbit vibrators because they look like the rabbit head or have rabbit ears on them. These unique sex toys for women work to stimulate both the vagina as well as the clitoris. The motored shaft stimulates the G-spot and the vagina deep and the rabbit ears stimulate the clit. There’s a variety of rabbits available for customers to choose from.

Couple Vibrators

Couple Vibrators are meant for couples. They are inserted in a woman’s vagina along with the penis. That way stimulation is experienced both by the man as well as the woman. The insertable portion of thevibrator affects the G-spot, while the other hand rests on the clitoris. This part also sends vibrations through a man’s penis. As a result, this vibratoris the perfect way for both the people to enjoy.

Dildos, G-spot Stimulators and Vaginal Toys

Dildos are the most popular sex toys in India for women. It is an artificial penis and can be inserted in a vagina for pleasure. Dildos come in multiple materials like glass, metal, rubber, silicone etc. These female sex toy sare designed in various textures and surface structures to stimulate the women more.

Dildos come in many forms, shapes and sizes. They are straight, curved, thin, thick, short, long, waterproof, and in different materials. The more you experiment with female sex toys , the more the world of orgasms opens up to you.

Other Toys

There are many othersex toys for women and they can really enjoy a lot. Some of thesesex productsare cock rings. Ideally made for men, to help them hold their orgasm for longer, cock rings also please the woman by applying pressure on the clit. There are also varieties of cock rings with textured or rabbit shaped outer surfaces to stimulate the woman better.

Similarly Strap On is another form of couple toys. They can be used by men as well as women. The harness belt that it has is usually adjustable and can be attached to a regular dildo. With the help of a dildo, couples can experience anal or double penetration.

Where to find Sex Toys for Women in India

One of the biggest myths around female sex toys is that sex toys in India are not easily available. They are a taboo. So, if one needs sex toys, one needs to ask their guy friends to buy them. So first things first, women are as free to buy sex toys in India as men. Next, sex toys in India can be easily bought as well. Our online store for instance, has a wide choice of women and female toys available for you to select from. Our packaging is discrete and we do not breach your confidentiality.  We take you and your pleasure seriously.

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