All about sex toys

Who Are We? is India’s #1 Most Loved Adult Store for everything related to sex toys, sexual wellness, and your pleasure. In the past 10 years, our Besharam store has delivered pleasure to millions of Indians while playing a key role in their journey to rediscover, redefine, or rejuvenate sexual intimacy. Besharam is a discreet, diverse, and convenient platform for our shoppers to explore, experience, and purchase their favorite sex toys from the comforts of their bedrooms.

Walking a journey of being shamed for envisioning a sex toy store to deliver 1M+ orders across India, we aspire to cater to user-friendly, safe, and pleasure-focused sex toys in India for 1.2B+ Indians. Recognized for our exceptional customer service worldwide, IMbesharam was awarded the XBIZ Online Retailer Award in 2015 and nominated again in 2016-17 and 2022-23, and we have no one to thank but our qualified staff and the love of our 1M+ customers.

Why Sex Toys?

Everyone seeks a positive relationship with their body, sexuality, and pleasure. Not only for making informed choices about sex but also to lead a happy, satisfying sex life. And trust, sex toys play a crucial role in bridging this gap, at least more than what we give them credit for.

So, why do you need sex toys? Toe-curling orgasms top the list. Before that, sex toys are perfect for exploring your likes, dislikes, and hotspots before you step up to partnered sex. For couples' seeking play outside of vanilla, sex toys are the perfect stepping stones to the world of kink. Apart from pleasure and orgasms, sex toys also help with medical challenges like erectile dysfunction, low sexual libido, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, and more without increasing your dependency on medications.