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About Besharam


Besharam kahin ka/ki!


If you are reading this, there is a 99.99% chance you heard it.  And if you did, you know we are naughty by nature, a bit shy out in the streets but quite the opposite in our sheets. Besharam, the brand came to life to be your wingman/woman and be the wind beneath your flight. You know, Yeh dil maange more.


But first our story.



We the founders, Salim & Raj were never friends. But we shared a similar journey. Growing up in the 80’s, our funda was all about rock and roll, riding our bikes, hanging out with friends, occasional splurges like a Levis Red Label, a KingFisher or a Cheeseburger.. flirting was cool and if you landed a date, you had ‘made it’ in high school. Life was pretty chill and tension free as we called it. But after an embarrassing situation amongst a bunch of friends, Raj was shamed about masturbation and made to feel like an outcast. He felt terrible and guilty, skipped college for months and performed terribly in his exams thereby flunking his finals. The school year ended, he dropped out and moved to US but the guilt and feeling of being shamed left an deep and dark memory for him.



FastForward to 2012, We had moved to the US, got busy with our lives and doing well for ourselves, but deep in our hearts, we felt constantly drawn back to our homeland. Bollywood movies, Indian food and festivals kept us in touch with Indian culture but that didnt seem enough. Then one day a phone call with a close friend from India changed it all.


During the call, the single word that came up 7 times in this conversation was ‘shame’. It instantly transported us back to our growing up days where the feeling of ‘shame’ and the scare of ‘being shamed’ was so powerful it impacted our confidence, as well as our ability to believe in ourselves. Looking back, we realized our lives would have shaped up differently had someone separated shame from fear and stigma. With an (impossible) mission that was activated inside our minds and then a chance encounter with Sunny Leone the next day, we figured what we were destined to do.


We had to change the name of this game. And this gave birth to ‘Besharam’ - The anti-shame movement.