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Besharam - The Leader in the Online Sex Toys market in India.


Besharam in literal sense means 'Shameless', but in spirit it means freedom & self-belief to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our mission was to normalize sexual pleasure by challenging the stigma and taboo surrounding it, separating sensibilities from shame, and advocating for a new progressive India where individuals respect and accept each other's expressions, preferences, gender & sexual orientation. launched in 2013 to be the first Adult Webstore in India, with Sunny Leone as the face of the brand. Over these 11 years, we had delivered over 1 Million orders, been featured in over 200 media outlets like Times of India, YourStory, Economic Times, Mid-Day, Financial Express, Inc42, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vice, Maxim, The ManWorld, Femina, Hindustan Times and many many more. We have over 110,000 Real Customer Reviews online, and over 400,000 followers in our social media community with our Instagram page delivering exceptional content including busting myths and practical sex-ed. We have won several awards including the coveted XBIZ Online Retailer of the Year and recently, our founder Raj Armani won the XBIZ Progressive Leader of the Year Award for 2024.


With an extensive selection of 120+ International & Indian Brands, and over 2000 premium sex toys, naughty games, kink and bdsm toys, lubes and lingerie in our India warehouse, you will be spoilt for choices and will never run out of ideas for your personal time. The vast collection of hand picked curated products from reputable manufacturers include sex toys for men, sex toys for women & sex toys for couples as well as a staff recommended collection for LGBTQ+ folks in the Queer Community.



Now in its 11th year (phew), we continue to be India’ Most Loved Adult Store. While there are a bunch of new websites and so called brands that have mushroomed up lately who continue to fly under the radar and play it safe by calling sex toys like vibrators as ‘massagers’, Besharam has been unapologetically straight forward and doesn't mince words or confuse the audience. It's high time we embrace that pleasure is a human body need, and intimacy is just as normal as hunger for good food and desire for exploring new places. Why these double standards? Not anymore.


At, we are passionate about promoting sexual wellness and creating a positive impact in people's lives. We strive to foster a safe, inclusive, and non-judgmental environment where you can explore your options and enhance your sexual pleasure and experience.