Masturbators and Vibrators in India

Sex toy may be a small word but it holds a much deeper meaning to its credit. Meant for increasing an individual’s sexual pleasure, there are plenty of sexual toys as well as objects available in the market today. The great news is that these sexually stimulating toys as well as objects are available for both the sexes i.e. for both men and women. In India, sex toy or adult toy is not a much spoken word. In fact, it may be very uncommon for even some couples to talk about it. Though it is a less spoken about word in our society but there is a lot of thought- processing that revolves around it. While some people openly discuss and talk about them, for others it is still a big taboo to be discussing or using any sex toy. On the other hand, in countries like US and China, there is an ever- increasing use of these toys. Due to westernisation, this trend is being adopted in India as well, though at a very slow rate. Earlier we mentioned that there were sex toys available for both men as well as women. Now, let us take a look on the sex toys that are available for both these sexes. It is a well- known fact that in most cases it is a guy who recognises the need to be sexually satisfied faster than a woman. While in their teenage years, men are found to be more excited and eager for sex than women in some cases. While finding another sexually active partner may not be easy for everyone, which is why we have a product known as the Masturbator. A Masturbator is a device that resembles a vagina and is made up of flesh- like material as well. Now all a man needs to do is insert their penis into this artificial vagina and they will have a satisfying sexual experience much similar to the real ones. Another crazy fact is that these masturbators are available in a number of shapes; sizes as well as they are made of many different kinds of materials. This makes sure that there is a best masturbator for each and every guy out there.  For increasing pleasure and stimulation, these masturbators may be available with dots as well. These dots ensure extra stimulation for men’s penis and thus increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction. 




However, a masturbator is not the only sexually arousing sex toy for men, rather there is a long list of other similar objects as well. Some of the other very common sex toys for men are Penis extensions, Penis rings, Ball locks, Cock harness, Docking sleeves, Penis sleeves, Triple Crown, Cock rings and a lot more. Some of these sex/ adult toys are suitable while role playing as well. Imagine being in bondage and having the craziest sexual night with your partner. In fact, some of these toys can be used for extra pleasure during a normal sexual intercourse as well. For instance, a penis extension can be used for deeper penetration and hence it will be a super- exciting experience for you as well as your wife/ girlfriend. Another reason why sex toys for men became famous is due to the problem of low self- esteem in some men due to the small size of their packages. Every individual has different expectations and masturbators & other sex toys help in coming out of these situations. For men with small penises, the use of a penis extension can be of great relief for both the guy as well as his partner. The woman will have deeper penetration and you will have the satisfaction and pride of being able to satisfy your partner as well. 




Now that we are done with masturbators for men, let us focus on the sex toys available for women. When we think about sex toys for the fairer sex, the first thing that comes to our mind is a vibrator or a dildo. A vibrator resembles a real penis in its shape and is used for penetration. Basically, vibrators stimulate the nerves and tissues in and around the vagina for offering sexual satisfaction to women. A lesser known fact is that women experience the same pleasure as well as orgasm while using a vibrator/ dildo as they do during an actual sexual intercourse. In some cases, therapists and doctors themselves prescribe the use of vibrators for women. This is due to the fact that some women fail to reach orgasm through a normal sexual intercourse and they may have to use a vibrator for climaxing at the end of their sex session. Vibrators can also be used by both the couples during an intercourse to increase the level of pleasure for both the partners. Love Rings is a special kind of vibrator which is especially made to be used by couples during sexual intercourse. Similar to masturbators, there are different varieties of vibrators available for stimulating almost each and every sexually active part of a woman’s body. Some of these popular vibrators are G- spot vibrators, dildos, rabbit vibrators, clitoral vibrators, anal vibrators, Dual and triple area vibrators, multi-speed vibrators and a lot more.


On an ending note, both vibrators as well as masturbators are meant to raise the bar of sexual satisfaction for both men and women. Though their use if still a taboo in some countries, but they can be easily purchased from IMbesharam