WholeSale & Distribution - Lets Talk

First let’s introduce our self. Besharam is India's #1 Adult Lifestyle Web-Store, We are the most daring & bold concept in the Indian web space. We have amazing products sourced from popular brands in US & Europe. We also carry the largest Bachelor & Bachelorette party collection in India. Recently, we have been recently nominated for the Best Online Retailer @ XBIZ awards. l

We are happy to announce that we are NOW open for wholesale as well and this will allow local business men interested in this field to source the products custom cleared at wholesale prices. In reference to IMBesharam a WHOLESALE order is considered an order after an agreement is signed and ONE order value increases Rs 50000/- . We have made the on-board simpler where a client just signs a basic Wholesale and NDA agreement (Click Here) and upload it here (hyperlink). After the form is verified by the BDM team, you will be given your account access to our wholesale website and from there you can shop like a regular customer by adding the items to your cart and proceeding further.

IMBesharam gives you easy access to 2 channels – ONE would be wholesale

We will answer a few questions you have now

How to get registered?

Registration is an easy process where you just sign the NDA and wholesale agreement. The BDM team will create an account for you and send that in an email introducing you to our wholesale website.


How to place your order?

Placing your order will be just like a regular online order where you look at the products and choose the ones you like with their Inventory and create ONE single order such as the value per order should reach Rs.50K and more. After that you fill in your address information and proceed to payment option. Here you will see the below options –

  • Pay with DEBIT/CREDIT Card (Fastest)
  • Pay via NEFT (Fast)
  • Pay with Cheque/Demand Draft (Slow)

You can choose any of the above option and the system will place the order for you.


What happens after you place the order?

Once you place your order, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your order and the shipping time it will take. This means you sit back and relax while we work to process and ship your order. It takes about 7-10 days for us to process and ship your order out. Its 100% our responsibility to clear the order from customs and deliver it to your doorstep in India. It’s taken a lot of efforts to create a customs logistics in place for India and when you transact, you transact with an Indian Company importing personal wellness and hygiene products. The name in your account shows Shining Star Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Now that we have answered your initial questions, let us address the most important question about margins. The margins that you enjoy on wholesale would be 40-100% of their retail price. One thing to note here is that prices mentioned on IMBesharam.com are not their retail prices. We advise our customers to place bulk orders in order to save more as the logistics cost gets divided which means more margins. Please find our current discount slabs below

  • Order Between 1-3 Lacs – 5%
  • Order Between 3-5 Lacs – 10%
  • Orders above 5 Lacs – 15% 

In simple terms, get yourself registered as a wholesaler and enjoy wholesale prices that dominates the market and make money by selling/developing to your distribution channels and support of IMBesharam.