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Fleshlight Girls® Adriana Chechik

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Adriana Chechik Signature Fleshlight is the latest arrival in the FLESHLIGHT Girls Family ready to ship to India. You've been waiting for the release of our Signature sensations for the Fleshlight Girl range forever.

**Ships from US , delivers in 10-14 business days**

You may be wondering about this toy’s dimensions, sensation factor and overall level of realism. You may have purchased other toys in the past and felt as if they did not live up to their hype. If so, check this out. The Adriana Fleshlight is nine inches deep, which will you to engage in plenty of deep thrusting no matter how well-endowed you happen to be.

Yes, the length is good, but so are aesthetics. Every contour is carefully engineered, and every bit of the experience is optimized for maximum pleasure with each thrust. In short, this toy looks and feels just like the real thing, from the soft internal lining to the meticulously designed clitoral hood. It was designed to give you the sensation of being engulfed inside real, snug vaginal walls. Plus, you get to make the walls of the pocket pussy as slippery as you want them to be by way of your favorite lube.  With the right amount of moisture, you can simulate the real-life sensation of turning her on with your movements.

The ultra-soft Adriana Chechik pocket pussy has lots of strategically placed ridges, rings and nubs that were designed to grip and massage you in all the right places while you enjoy the experience alone or with someone special. Additionally, you may decide to switch things up and only use the realistic outer lips to bring yourself and others to orgasm. There are lots of ways to have fun with this toy, and you're sure to never be bored.

The Adriana Chechik Fleshlight may seem like a man's toy, but a growing number of women are enjoying these realistic devices as well. Some women have said that they enjoy pleasuring themselves with Fleshlight toys by using them on their nipples and clitorises. Adriana Chechik’s "pussy" is extremely versatile. Not only is it great for people from all walks of life, but it's also a great tool for both solo stimulation and spicing up an existing relationship.

Double your pleasure with Flesh-Lube, available in WaterFIre & Ice  sensations. Make sure to clean it with the Fleshwash and keep it fresh and like new with the Renewing powder.  Fleshlight toys now available across all cities India, Free International Shipping + Discreet White Bubble wrap Packaging + Pay in Rupees via 5 Payment Options = 1000's of happy & satisfied customers in India 

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Fleshlights - Best Selling Men's Sex Toys in India

Do you think the upsurge in sex-tech doesn’t matter? Oh well, it certainly does. If not for it, women wouldn’t find vibrators and men wouldn’t find fleshlights in India. If not for innovation, where else would you find a toy, which worked like your hand, but felt like a vagina?

Fleshlights have become really popular of late. Unlike, what a lot of people think, of late, there is an upsurge in the number of users who have started to buy fleshlights online in India. It is simple to use, easy to clean, small and discrete to store and convenient to obtain and buy fleshlight online. No wonder the number of men interested in using it is increasing.

In this guide we will support you in understanding of fleshlights, what are they all about, the various types of fleshlights, how to use and clean them, and where to buy fleshlights online in India.


What is a Fleshlight?

If you’re looking for an exact replica of a masturbator which recreates the texture of a young woman’s private parts, your answer is a fleshlight. Apply a little bit of lubricant and the whole experience is very satisfying and realistic. A fleshlight is a duplicate of the female vagina, butt or mouth, and hence gives a very realistic feel to a man. This product fills the lack of a sexual relationship in your life and satisfies you completely. In other words, a fleshlight could also be defined as the gender equivalent of a vibrator in terms of its design and functionality.

Fleshlights in India come in varied shapes, forms and sizes. Not only that, some websites even sell exact replicas of moulds of the body parts of porn megastars which can make your fantasy come true, quite literally. For instance, if you buy fleshlights which is a replica of Asa Akira, you’re going to have a really good time visualizing the sexiest scenes from her movies. With a fleshlight, all your erotic fantasies will come true and you can also build up some stamina for real-life sexual encounters.


Where to Buy Fleshlights Online in India?

Now that you have decided to buy fleshlights, online in India, you’re perhaps wondering where to buy them. Also, you are wondering if there are places where you can buy these toys offline.

Certainly, you can buy fleshlights in India in markets like the Palika Bzar of Delhi and the shops on the Fort Lane in Mumbai. However, the best way to buy fleshlights in India is to but them online. A good online supplier will always ensure the quality of the products that they supply. They will also have a wider range of options available for their customers.

While there are many brands out there which provide fleshlights, it is wise to choose a product that’s reliable and affordable. Some of the available brands of fleshlights in India are Tenga, Funzone, Hustler, etc.

When you decide to buy fleshlights online in India, you want to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Also, you want to ensure that your platform provides you with excellent sales and after-sales support, as we do here, at IMBesharam.


Why are Fleshlights so Popular?

While there can be many reasons behind the popularity of fleshlights, some of the reasons our buyers commonly share with us are:

  1. First Male Masturbator

Fleshlight was one of the first male masturbators in India. It is very small,  easy to deliver and store (and convenient to hide) and still provides the most important functionality for a sexual experience. Further, the process is not very different from masturbating with your hand. Just that the hand is replaced by a sex toy, which has an amazingly tight grip on your erect shaft and provides a fulfilling experience.

  1. The Visual Appeal and the Realistic Experience

When you are looking to buy fleshlight online, the visual of it is so appealing that it is hard to resist. The outer part is hard, made for holding and a hard grip. At the same time, the inner part of the removable sleeve is so soft that it doesn’t get you used to an excessively firm grip on your penis, called ‘death grip in common parlance. This firm grip allows you to stimulate yourself easily and the softness gives you realistic experience and allows you to still be sensitive when making out with an actual partner. The sleeve resembles a vagina a lot in its texture and grip and hence, the pumping feels realistic and heavenly.

  1. Experience in Bed

Using a fleshlight not only makes you more experienced in bed, it also is a huge boost to your confidence, which reflects in your real life romance. This is one of the major reasons for men looking to buy fleshlight in India.

  1. Increase in Stamina

Every man wants to satisfy his partner so that the orgasm is achieved. This requires good sexual stamina which just cannot be built with masturbation because it is not at all similar to sex. However, a fleshlight is much closer to the realistic sex and really helps in building sexual stamina. This leads to a longer duration of intercourse in real life romance. It also helps you discover any erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation related disorders well in advance.

  1. Venturing to the Kinky Side

Apart from building stamina, using a fleshlight is also really useful to build a technique. Most Indian men are not aware of various techniques in intercourse because of their limited experience in sex. This often leads to unsatisfactory sexual encounters for both men and their partners. However, with the help of a fleshlight, you can experiment with some new techniques like pace and pressure. Eventually, if you buy fleshlight, the chances of your Having more fun with your partner is higher.


Types of Fleshlights

If you think that fleshlights are simple products with a limited number of models, you might be wrong. Fleshlights can be divided into various categories based on user needs and experience.

  1. Based on Entry type

The primary way of classification is based on the female body part that a fleshlight is designed like. When you buy fleshlight online in India, you will find all three kinds - vagina (for virtual intercourse), anal (for virtual anal sex) and mouth (for virtual blowjob). In these toys, only the design of inner sleeve changes and the rest remains the same. Of course, the user experience changes because of the difference in the texture of the inner sleeve, and the grip and the friction it offers.

  1. Texture of the Inner Sleeve

basic functionality of a product like fleshlight is the feeling of touch that it provides to the penis. On that basis, there is a wide variety of fleshlights. Of these, we will briefly discuss the best sellers here.

  • The Classic fleshlight is recommended for beginners or if you have sensitive skin because it has a very straight and simple inner structure.
  • You can also buy fleshlights that are commonly referred to as Stamina Training Unit which, as the name suggests, primarily enhances the stamina and performance of the user.
  • Super Tight (ST) and Ultra Tight (UT) are other much demanded varieties of fleshlights online. These may be called different product names based on their manufacturer and the brand. They have different internal diameters; 15mm and 7mm respectively.
  • Wonder Wave (WW), as the name suggests, is a wave like structure of the inner sleeve which stimulates the penis, sometimes even better than a real experience.
  1. Build Your Own Fleshlight

For men looking to buy online fleshlights in India, some manufacturers and online adult stores also offer customized masturbator toys. These entrance and texture of the inside, the color combination of the outer case and inner sleeve, etc. can be customized in these cases. Also, the inner sleeves are removable and interchangeable, which allows for a change everyone in a while.


How to use and clean a Fleshlight?

Fleshlights are simple to use and easy to clean and maintain. The best way to know how to use them is to read the instruction manual made available to you when you buy fleshlights online.

    • The first thing to do is to remove the sleeve from the case and warm it slightly. Soak it in a sink or a container with some warm water. This will soften the sleeve and enhance the sensations you receive.
    • After that adjust the tightness of the cap at the bottom of your fleshlight. That will give you the desired suction and you can adjust it to fulfill your desires in the best way.
    • The golden rule for male sex toys is that the deeper the insertion, the more the need for lube. So, feel free to use lube generously. Water-based lubes are generally the best.
    • Similarly, never pound away roughly to ensure that your fleshlight lasts longer and your experience is joyous, happy and pleasant.
    • In fact, as long as you don’t bring your fleshlight sleeve in touch with soap, you can even use your fleshlight in the shower.
    • Like any other sex toys, you should not share your fleshlight with anyone. In a very rare case, you decide to share it with a regular partner, or someone you have got tested and verified, it is VERY strongly recommended, you use it with a condom, because fleshlights are perfectly condom friendly.
    • As before using the fleshlight, for cleaning the sleeve after the use, you take it out and soak it in warm water. Do not clean it with soap but you can use some isopropyl alcohol for stains or any sticky lube inside if you want.
    • Cleaning away stains of lube etc. is important because it prevents smell or breeding of bacteria inside.
    • To keep it dry and fragrant, you can use some corn starch, though some people also recommend talcum powder.
    • To clean the casing you can use a tissue paper or a kitchen towel after you wash it with warm water.
    • Store the sleeve in the case only after both the sleeve and the case are fully dry.

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