About The Boys

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1. About Team Besharam

Why the Hell did they do it?

Why did two Indian born American boys decide to give up their comfortable lifestyles, invest all their savings (against the advise of family members and their social circle) and pursue a mission to 'Bring International Brands to Indian Hands' - and by brands we mean adult toys brand, to a country where buying a condom needs balls, talking about sex is taboo, but doing it..Oh well, we have 1.3 billion answers to it.

Because, WE BELIEVE.

We believe that Indians have the same aspirations and dreams, the same wants and needs as anyone else in the world, so why do they not have access to products that provide pleasure to mind like food does to belly, enjoyment in relationships like a movie date or a long drive, have more sex and have less stress. This is NO Brainer!! We gave the world 'KamaSutra' and then several generations later we just decided to walk back in the corner and pull the curtains close. When did our traditions and morality take our right to choices and liberty. Well..It did happen then but now the Young, Bold India is ready to catch up. Its been waiting at the sidelines for a very long time, and now the boys and girls, men and women have come together and said ENOUGH. 

Besharam stands for rising up, speaking out and carving your own path. Welcome to the world of Besharam, I M Besharam - You know you are too. We believe we can deliver happiness. And for this reason we are alive, online and thriving.

Scroll through these sections and meet our founding team, the movers and shakers of the business in US, India and worldwide. Say Hi, Give a Hi5 or just a Thumbs Up, coz if you are reading this, and you are feeling it, you are with us in our journey towards leading Youngistan in the 21st Century.   


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