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Buy Butt Plugs & Anal Toys in India | | Fast & Free Delivery

The History of Butt Plugs

When it comes to sex toys for men, did you know originally, butt plugs were used as medical devices meant for ‘therapeutic uses’? They often had medical-science sounding names like Dr. Young’s Rectal Dilators. That because it was considered that butt plugs open the rectum wide open (dilate it). Those days, one couldn’t buy butt plugs as easily as today.

Buying butt plugs can be really fun and easy. Using them is tricky and yet even more fun, despite the human anatomy. While a butt plug is a fun toy, it can be tricky to use, due to the human anatomy. While a vagina is closed by the cervix, the anus opens into the rectum, which then opens into the sigmoid colon. This means that your butt plug could travel up your butt completely and disappear. Which is how the butt plugs first got their flared bases.

Usually, most butt plugs online have flared bases but it is always recommended to go through multiple pictures of the anal plug online on shopping sites, to make sure the base is flared and the toy is safe to use. By the way, any foreign body that may get stuck in the rectum can be removed by a medical practitioner, so have no fear. And trust us on this, your doctor has seen butt plugs of more shapes than probably you have.

Functions and Usage of Butt Plugs

The main function of the Butt Plug is explained by its name: it's used to plug your butt. The anus, just like vagina, has thousands of nerves concentrated in a very small region and responds to sexual stimulus. The anal plug is usually the first article in your anal play arsenal because even before people get to anal sex or a dildo, they usually use anal plugs are for penetrative anal sex prep.

A lot of butt plugs are specially designed for comfortable, long term usage, in order to condition the sphincter muscles for penetration. Whatever your fantasies, when it comes to anal play, its best to buy butt plugs which are small and start with them. Also, one must remember that the anal opening doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina. This is why it's important to use plenty of lube and smaller objects, such as fingers or very small butt plugs specially designed for beginners to anal play, prior to penetrative sex with a strap-on or the penis.

Different Types of Butt Plugs

There are millions of butt plugs out there! It is a plethora of designs as varied as the ways one can use these amazing little toys. To start you off:

1. Start Small, Flared & Tapered

Some say that Anal play is literally a pain in the ass. However, it doesn’t have to be. Know your body and start with what you have. A very, very tight sphincter. Sphincter muscles typically open to expel foreign material from the rectum and are extremely strong. However, the anal skin and rectal linings are very thin and get damaged very easily. A large toy can easily tear this thin skin while trying to enter through the sphincter, resulting in unnecessary pain.

Usually, amidst the vast selection of butt plugs online, one can find many starter anal plugs which are thin, made from skin friendly and smooth material and have a simple shape that works well with the human body.

These plugs are usually made of silicone or other medical polymers, metals like steel, or glass, and are extremely smooth, but always play with lube, or you will miss out!

2. More than just a Butt Plug

Once you are comfortable with your first butt plug, it’s time to let the creativity flow. The anus, the rectum, the prostate if you are a guy, or the clitoris for the woman, everything gets involved in anal play. It’s time to look for anal toys that target all these parts of your lover’s body (or yours). From anatomically shaped plugs to stimulate the prostate to graduated sets of ever larger plugs to prepare for more intense play, these sex toys are often purpose-built and can be on the pricier side. However, as long as you don’t push your limits, they are worth a million gasps.

3. Anal Plugs Online for the seasoned player

The days of simple, molded toys are passed. Today, you find butt plugs online that are inflatable, or are meant for electroplay, or have an array of vibrators, either insertable or inbuilt, to bring to you, sensations that you’ve never felt before!

Again, the variety is immense. From simple gadgets to programmable, pleasure-giving technological marvels, you can find a butt plug to play with, no matter what your kinks, fetishes, inclinations or orientations.

Myths about Butt Plugs

Let's bust them, one myth at a time

1) Butt Plugs are Painful

Absolutely Not! It is painful you are probably not doing it right and you should stop immediately. Your butt is one of the most responsive erogenous zones of your body and the anal canal is full of extremely sensitive nerve endings.

Butt! Sensitive nerve endings that bring pleasure can also cause pain. (Pun intended)

If at any point the butt plug causes any kind of discomfort of at all stop immediately so that the pain stops. This could also mean there is not enough lubrication or you need to use a smaller size.

2) You are going to poop

While it is true that poop is an ever-present risk with anal sex, if you have had a bowel movement, or an enema, prior to your session, it is usually not a problem. The sensation of feeling full and about to poop is actually because the butt plug triggers that same nerves that get triggered when you relieve yourself. Remember, the primary function of the anus is to expel stuff and the same muscles also try to expel the anal plug you just inserted. It might feel like you are about to poop, but if you have cleaned up beforehand, you won’t.

However, remember to clean your butt plug after every use. No matter how clean you are when you start, any toy used for any form of penetration is coated with body fluids and can become a breeding ground for germs of every variety. So, remember, once everything is over, wash your anal plug and any other toys that got inserted, with warm water and soap. Store the toys only after they have completely dried up.

3) It doesn’t matter if I do an ass-to-mouth play or an ass – to – vagina play

Well, ideally it does. Even if you’ve had an enema, the bacterial presence in your anal canal is still there, even though your poop may not be. So, it’s important to not do unprotected anal sex. It is also important to not do ass to mouth or ass to the vagina, unless the condom that was used during ass play is removed.

How and Where to Buy Butt Plugs?

There are many ways to get hold of your first ass plug. If you live in a city where there are adult stores where you can see and touch toys before actually buying one, nothing like it! But if that’s not the case, it is equally easy to buy butt plugs online is.

In fact, when you set out to but a butt plug online, you will find a much larger variety of toys than you can find a brick-and-mortar store. However, the problem with buying your toys online is that you have to be a bit diligent.

  • Always buy from good, reputed websites and brands that make sure their products are high quality and body-safe. Even then, always make sure to read the product description carefully, to note the size and material of the toy.
  • It is important to make sure that whenever you buy butt plug online, it’s a proper size for you. When in doubt, buy the smaller sizes.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of manufacturing. The anal lining is extremely thin and gets damaged very easily, increasing the risk of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Always look at the product images to see that the anal plug’s surface is completely smooth and free from molding defects.
  • Another concern is the material. Many cheaper butt plugs online are made from petroleum products that are not entirely medically safe. Such anal plugs can cause irritation due to chemical burns. 
  • Always pick toys that are made of medical grade materials such as body safe silicone, stainless steel or pyrex. Another advantage with these materials is that they are entirely non-porous, so the clean-up is a breeze as there are no microscopic cavities where body fluids or microbes can get lodged.

As far as where to buy butt plugs online, brands like IMBesharam are responsible as well as safe and discrete. Not only we protect and value your information, but also we believe in procuring toys for you from the best manufacturers. Some of our butt plugs online are the most comfortable for novices, while others offer a range of sensations and pleasure to the more seasoned practitioners.

How to Use and Clean Butt Plugs?

  • No matter what the size of your butt plug or the level of your experience, when it comes to anal play, the first thing you need is lube. Pick your favorite anal plug, coat it with lube, coat the receiving butt with lube and start slow. Remember, lots of foreplay before penetration ensures that your anal muscles are relaxed and the plug can slide in easily.
  • At times, especially when things are happening in the heat of the moment, and you have not had the time to clean up and prep ahead of anal play, it’s good to use a condom with your anal plug so that the toy itself doesn’t get in contact with poop. Also, it is better to not share your toys with other people, as it can increase the risk of cross-contamination and infection.
  • A slow pace is especially important with butt plugs that are large. Large butt plugs, if used very quickly, or with unnecessary force, can cause sphincter tears, detachment other injuries to rectal walls.
  • Once the playtime is over, wash any toys that were used for penetration, with warm water and mild soap. Let the toys completely dry out, before storing them. Often, anal sex toys for women come with their own pouches or boxes, and it is recommended that you retain these pouches and boxes so you can store the toys in their individual containers.

Butt play is supposed to be fun, simple, exciting and steamy. All you need to do is buy butt plugs online from a reliable adult sex toy brand and not just any website. Use, the instructions, start slow, continue gradually and have fun!

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