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Vibrating Panties Shaked My World And It Will Shake Yours, Too

Saturday nights are movie nights for me and my boyfriend. Somehow, I managed to drag him away from the Marvel Universe to watch a rom-com with me. Apart from good rom-coms, I love critiquing ‘relationship theories’ in movies myself. I picked “The Ugly Truth.” Gerard Butler’s chauvinistic character tries to prove his ‘relationship theories’ to be accurate with Katherine Heigl’s character, but they end up falling in love with each other. Nothing too surprising or exciting there, you see. Except for the scene where she ends up in public with a vibrating panty on and things start to go south for her, literally!

Having tried a few freaky things ourselves, we knew what our next adventure was going to be! So, we got onto a popular online adult lifestyle store in India, IMbesharam to find ‘The One’. It took some time for us to hit ‘confirm order’ as we often get lost on their site, looking up their glorious collections of products. It was a real juggle to decide what not to buy as it was a wondrous virtual world of all things pleasure.

The next few days went on with us planning our first time in public with it and barely managing the wait. Finally, my Christmas came early with the delivery of my first vibrating panty by OhMiBod! Was I on the nice list or naughty list, Santa? Lingeries have never felt so sexy!

As we failed to settle on one public place to try it, we decided to give it a go the next day. Our Saturday started with us going out to get an afternoon snack and some groceries to ensure we spend more time in public, unlike our usual lazy, domestic weekends. Having tried it at a low setting to begin with and watching me squirm, my boyfriend was a lot more excited than I was for our double date in the evening with our friends so he could crank it up. After a much needed "calorie-burning session" at home, we got ready and went to a pub for the date. The crowd and loud music helped to drown the vibrating noise, or so I hope. Though our women friends must have known something was up (pun intended) the way I unleashed my dirty dancing talent on my boyfriend and barely kept on my feet.

The what, why and how

It’s a no brainer about what a vibrating panty is. Special underwear that holds a bullet vibrator inside and can be controlled by yourself or your partner. Some vibrators are controlled via apps, rings or proper remotes. The app-controlled vibrators are best for long distance couples. When you are in the mood to be very naughty and a little brave, put these vibrating panties on and let your partner have the control. Take your Dom-Sub relationship out in the public and no one will ever know.
I used a rechargeable wireless remote controlled vibrator that had three pleasure modes.

The fans of exhibitionism and BDSM, you already know what’s up! The thrill of getting almost caught and having your partner control your pleasure is what makes these vibrating panties irresistible. The anticipation of when your partner might change the settings and have you and your pleasure bounce and watching other people be oblivious to your hot, little adventure is a lot of fun, Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss that!

A few years ago, if you asked me to use a wearable vibrator in public, I would have taped your mouth and tied your limbs with my bondage kit to make sure you never uttered such nonsense to anyone else. But times and technology have surely changed. Once a very scandalous thought seems very safe and possible now. The combination of slim, discreet vibrators and panties with pockets has changed the game. You don’t have to worry about the vibrator sleeping out or making too much noise. But just to stay safe, make sure you wear tights for extra safety and choose the right location. The darker the place, the easier it will be to hide the effects of the vibrating panties. Movie theatres, parks, bars or similar places that might be less lit up are some of the best options. The most important advice- have a good talk with your partner about it and make sure you have a safe word to bail from any highly embarrassing (but very hot) experience.

And as Taylor Swift would say, “Shake it off”, with your partner or a fellow with hella good hair!

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