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Sex Toys for Couples

Sex Toys for Couples

Buy Sex Toys For Couples in India Online

The ultimate guide for couple sex toys

Couple toys are so exciting, steamy and fun! Yet, so many of us resist using these fun things in their bedroom together. Part of the reason why we hesitate using sex toys is because there is not much information available. Then, there are myths, insecurities, and prices to consider. As a result, most of us hesitate and think at least a few times before we decide to buy sex toys for couples. In this ultimate guide for couple sex toys, we will take you through exhaustive information about sex toys for couples so that you can use these fun gadgets to enhance your sexual pleasure.

What are Couples Sex Toys?

So, most of us have heard about sex toys for women, sex toys for men or even BDSM related sex toys. However, a lot of us often wonder, what would be a sex toy like, if it were to be used by both the partners. Add to it the fact that there are myths like sex toys can freak your partner out, sex toys are meant for sex-starved singles, or that sex toys never fully satisfactory, and especially sex toys are designed for one person at a time.

However, there are toys like vibrating penis rings, strapons, penis rings with clitoral stimulator, double-ended dildos, that one can always use when making out with their partner.

Why are couple sex toys used?

We can use sex toys for multiple reasons. One of the most important reasons is that the partners want to enhance their experience. Sex toys for couples can be used to enhance the size of the man by the use of a penis ring, and the additional sensation for the woman if the penis ring vibrates.

Similarly, toys like strapons can be used as sex toys for couples, especially in those cases where the woman might want to penetrate her man, or a man might double penetrate his woman, or two women lovers might want to experience the pleasure of each other’s body.

Sometimes couple sex toys may also be used because the size of the man and the woman is different. At such times, sex toys for couples are not about highlighting the inadequacy of the partner but is about ensuring that both the partners are able to receive full pleasure.

Types of Couple Sex Toys

  • Couples Vibrators – These couple sex toys are designed to stimulate both partners simultaneously. They can be worn during sex but can take some time to get used to because most people are not accustomed to the powerful sensations that they can experience when they use these sex toys for couples.
  • Kinky Bondage Toys – For couples interested in exploring 500 shades of sex, engaging in mild to heavy bondage and kink is the way to go. The kink community uses a lot of couple sex toys, toys that couples use together, because BDSM is typically practised with consenting partners and not alone. For instance, handcuffs, scarves, blindfolds, collars and leashes, harnesses, ball gags, anal beads etc. all are more fun when the Dominant decides to use these sex toys for the couple, rather than just the Dominant or the submissive partner using these toys alone.
  • Oral Sex Toys – For the really advanced patrons of couple sex toys, tongue vibes are a great choice. When people want to give oral pleasure to their partner, a tongue vibe can be a real toe-curler. One could wonder what would spice up oral sex look like when even basic sex was that powerful. Similarly, flavored lubes, though not couple sex toys, are another interesting addition, specially for oral play enthusiasts.
  • Penis Enhancers – Whether in the form of cock sleeves, or penis rings, or chemical aids, penis enhancers are aids that make the guy last longer. However, they also enhance the overall pleasure and not just the size or the hard-on. For instance, cock sleeves can come in different textures. As a result, these couple sex toys and adult products can really take you to the next level of sexual pleasure and intimacy.
  • Sex Swings and Position Aids – These sex toys for couples are less of toys and more of gear and larger framework. They can sometimes take a lot of space in the bedroom or the closet. However, there are ways to create innovative versions of these. All said and done, these are simply amazing and awesome! They facilitate you to make out in positions that you couldn’t otherwise possibly do.
  • Strapons, Harnesses and Double-sided dildos – These sex toys for couples can be used in different settings. They can be used by LGBT couples, or by couples who want to take ass play and double penetration to the next level, or even couples interested in role reversal. These are especially useful for settings where the woman wants to penetrate the partner. The only challenge is that sometimes men can be resistant about their women trying it with them.

Some Common Couple Sex Toy Myths

Like all other aspects of human sexuality and sex toys, there is an endless number of myths around Sex toys for couples.  Some of them are listed below:

  1. Sex toys for couples get in the way of their partners.
  2. Couple sex toys reduce the sexual drive of a couple.
  3. People who want to buy couple sex toys online are sexually inadequate.
  4. Couple sex toys can cause UTI and other STIs.

There are many other similar myths. However, here’s what experts say. Experts suggest that people who use sex toys together, tend to cheat lesser on each other because using couple sex toys consensually means they are willing and open to working on their sexual relationship. That they want to spice things up.

Also, partners who buy online couple sex toys and use them are not inadequate in any way. If anything they are very secure in their bonding with their partner. They may be incompatible, but they are driven by the desire to enhance each other’s pleasure to the fullest.

Similarly, couple sex toys have no effect on the sex drive of a person. Sex drive is dependent on multiple factors like the bonding between the couple, health, privacy, and time; but hardly on sex toys. Similarly, infections, lack of hygiene and lack of awareness is what causes STIs or UTIs, not sex toys.

How to Choose The Best Couple Sex Toys

So, after the myths have been dispelled, one wonders how and where to buy couple sex toys? How to choose the right toy and whether to buy it from local stores, or whether to buy couple sex toys online?

In order to pick the most suitable set of couple sex toys, you and your partner need to be at the same page. You both need to communicate authentically and with mutual, shared love and attraction, what is it that you want to experiment with. You might want to start with the material and discuss if anyone of you is allergic to latex, or silicone etc.

Next, you want to pick the functionality of the couple sex toys that you want to purchase. This will give you an insight of the available brands, the approximate budget, and the kind of toy you and your partner want to experiment with.

Sex toys for couples are meant to bring a couple together. Hence, you can explore the vast collections of couple sex toys online. A good platform like IMBesharam will also have a support team that you can reach out to for support, guidance or advice.

How to Use and Maintain Your Couple Sex Toys

You are ready to go! All you need to do is follow some simple steps so that using and maintaining your couple sex toys is super easy, fun and fulfilling.

  1. Clean toys before and after every single use. Hygiene is a habit.
  2. Cleaning the toys is best done, as per the manufacturer instructions and with suggested products. It leads your sex toys for couples to last longer. Usually, water-based lubes are the safest.
  3. Ensure any vibes have new batteries and that you replace them regularly and in time.
  4. Make sure you store your toys discretely and away from the public eye or kids. Also, the best practice is to keep them in their manufacturer provided packaging.
  5. Set the mood, and get set go!

This 101 guide is aimed to dispel all myths around how to buy couple sex toys online and to help you glance through our vast range of toys. If you still have questions, our support team is available at . We would love to hear from you.


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