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Add a Naughty Twist to Your Oral Fun with Edibles Sex Products

Indulge in a variety of edibles like nipple nibblers, oral strips, oral sprays, and more. Whether you're going down on your partner, enjoying a hookup, or having fun at an orgy, this collection guarantees a mind-blowing experience for the giver. Each product is crafted from top-notch products to bring vitality and orgasms to your heated moments. Perfect for beginners and experts, these distinctive products will re-define your bedroom experience altogether. Unleash your inner sex god with the Blowjob Spray, enhance oral sex with the pussy licker oral gel, and leave tingling sensations with our orgasmic gels and creams. It's time to expand your oral play.

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Are these oral sex products safe to use and consumed?

Yes, oral sex products are safe to be consumed. These products are designed from body-safe materials for intimate materials and can be safely ingested. However, it's important to follow the brand's instructions and guidelines for safe and appropriate use of any sexual products.

Can these oral sex products be used with condoms?

While some of the oral sex products, such as oral sprays and gels, can be used along with condoms for added protection and are recommended to do so. Using a condom during oral sex can help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Always ensure that the products you choose are compatible with condoms to maintain safe and protected intimacy.

How do these oral sex products enhance oral sex for me?

The products in the collection enhance the sensations and pleasure of oral sex for both receiver and giver with different flavours and textures. For example, the Blowjob Spray can temporarily eliminate the gag reflex, allowing for deeper and more intense oral stimulation. The pussy licker oral gel intensifies cunnilingus by providing heightened sensations and flavors. The tingling gel/cream leaves gentle yet orgasmic sensations on erogenous zones, enhancing overall pleasure.

Why should I use oral sex products in my bedroom?

While oral sex can be a fun foreplay to your sexual encounters, your partner may be hesitant to go down due to multiple factors, including taste, smell, and texture. Oral sex products like Blowjob sprays, Pussy licker oral, nipple nibblers etc. can enhance the experience of going down on your partner and make your intimate moments spicier and exciting.

What are top brands to explore for Oral Fun?

Our Oral Fun Collection has a diverse range of brands from across the world. You should try these top brands for a sexy experience Bijoux Indiscrets (Spain), Orgie brand (Portugal) and System JO (USA).

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