Kegel Balls for Women
Kegel Balls for Women

Kegel Balls for Women

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17 products

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Buy Kegel Balls in India Online For Women (Ben Wa Balls) | IMbesharam

It's not a hidden fact that Kegels is a fruitful exercise for people with vulvas to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and tighten their vagina, but did you know that this exercise can be fun and orgasmic with Kegel Balls. Let's start with the basics, eh

Kegel Balls are small circular weights lined up in a row and held together with a cord designed for convenient insertion in the vagina (yes, like a menstrual cup) and easy retrieval. While uncorded Kegel Balls are also available at stores, we recommend the corded ones for beginners for uncomplicated. Once inserted, the task for your pelvic floor muscles is to hold them in and try not to drop them right into your panties. Sounds challenging? Of course, it is. But, your comfort should be the preference here. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with using Kegel Balls for shorter intervals and gradually increasing the time interval as your game gets stronger!

Re-create the iconic Fifty Shades moment of Kegel Balls, Christian Gray, Anastasia Steele and your favorite BDSM accessories. Popular among vulva owners for their ergonomic style, versatile use, and simple instructions, you cannot say no to these sex toys. Buy Kegel Balls in India at our fine selection for women by women only at

Ben Wa Balls & Kegel Ball Sex Toy

While Kegel Balls for Women are the balls you use while working out your pelvic floor muscles, it is also an umbrella term for all kinds of Ben Wa Balls and other products like the Yoni Egg. To maintain a clear distinction, you can say that Kegel Balls are ideal for whipping your pelvic shape, and Ben Wa Balls focus on enhancing sexual gratification for you.

However, the actual distinction for these balls lies in how they should be used and not in their appearance! Both these balls are beaded with small weights, are available in corded or uncorded design, and are designed for internal use. The ben wa balls price is not affected by the difference in use, and you can conveniently purchase ben wa balls in india and kegel balls in india online at our store. So, buckle up ;)

Benefits of Using Kegel Balls

While we cannot stress enough the versatility of Kegel Balls, these sex toys are preferred to rejuvenate and maintain the strength of pelvic floor muscles in vulva owners. As the pelvic floor muscles strengthen, vaginal or fecal leakages reduce, and vaginal health is enhanced.

Kegels also enhance the vaginal blood flow and amplify your orgasms further. Delve deeper into your pleasure with Ben Wa Balls- vibrating and non-vibrating- to boost your orgasms through the roof!

Precautions to follow while using Kegel Balls

Kegel Balls are body-safe, but you can always overexert yourself with these sex toys to cause pain, discomfort, or vaginal tearing (in extreme cases). To minimize the risk of these balls, we recommend involving your gynecologist to ensure you are using adequate weight and size. Ideally, the product manual should suffice, but check in with your doctor if you:

  • are pregnant or recovering from childbirth
  • have existing pelvic pain or an active pelvic infection
  • are recovering from gynecological surgery
  • have an intrauterine device
  • use a menstrual cup

Get thorough with the instructions to follow the correct technique of exercising, and make sure the retrieval cord of your Kegel Balls is hanging outside the vagina for quick removal. It is recommended by experts to never use your Kegel Balls for more than six hours in one go. No matter how clean you are down there, remember to wash your Kegel balls before and after every use with toy cleaner (or mild soap) and water.


How to prepare my Kegel Balls?

Preparing your Kegel Balls is as simple as it is for any other sex toy you use. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and do the same with your Kegel Balls. Pat them dry with a clean towel and rub a generous amount of water-based lubricant on the balls for easy insertion. Voila, you are ready for the next steps!

How to insert the Kegel Balls?

  1. Once you have prepared Kegel Balls, get ready for some action! Pick your favorite position (we recommend Spread Eagle), and apply a generous amount of lube to your vaginal opening.
  2. When ready, slowly and steadily insert the first ball and the attached string. When you are comfortable, slowly start inserting the second ball too.
  3. Once the kegel balls are tucked in, push the balls into your vagina as far as you are comfortable. Keep the retrieval string outside the vagina, and ensure they are not in your vagina.
  4. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to hold these kegel balls, and go about your day.

How to remove the Kegel Balls?

We recommend using Kegel Balls with a removal cord for quick pull-out. All you have to do is add lube to your vaginal opening and slowly pull on the string until the Kegel Balls slip right out. However, if you are using separate Ben Wa Balls, removing the balls might be a bit tricky:

  1. Comfortably squat with your legs wide spread at hip-distance apart (like when you are using a tampon or menstrual cup)
  2. Squeeze your vaginal muscles to push them out. If they do not come out for the first time, be patient. Add more lube to your vaginal opening, and try the process again. Try coughing, moving around, or jumping up and down to help your muscles contract and release.

How to clean and store your Kegel Balls?

Keeping your Kegel Balls squeaky clean is essential to maintaining your intimate hygiene. Unclean Kegel Balls can introduce bacterial and fungal infections to your vagina. Once you have removed the Kegel Balls, here is a cleanup routine for your balls:

  1. Run them under warm water, and clean them with a mild soap or antibacterial toy cleaner.
  2. Pat them dry with a clean towel and air dry for an hour or two to ensure they are dry before you store them away.
  3. Once they have entirely dried off, store them in an air-tight bag or container away from sunlight until their next use.

How to use Kegel Balls?

Our pelvic floor muscles weaken as we age, especially after childbirth for vulva owners, which makes these pelvic strengthening exercises crucial to be included in the daily routine. Kegel Balls are accessible in different sizes and weights- 10g to 100g- for you to explore and experience. Since Kegel balls focus on augmenting the robust nature of your pelvic floor muscles, the use of these balls is to be directed towards the same! Here is something you can try for a fruitful and rejuvenating Kegels session:

  1. Lie on your back and make sure you have lubed the Kegel balls and your vulva. Now, insert the balls as you are comfortable.
  2. Once inserted, attempt to tighten your pelvic floor muscles to lift and squeeze the balls. If you are new to the Kegel Balls, it might take some attempts to do it correctly, and it is okay!
  3. Hold the Kegel balls (or contraction position) for five seconds, then let go and relax for five seconds.
  4. Perform this step at least five times a row to complete one set. You can perform three sets in a day.

What do Ben Wa Balls Do?

Even if you are not interested in Kegels, do not hesitate to treat yourself to good times with Ben Wa Balls. Pull them out one ball at a time, rotate them to stimulate the labia, or forget them inside with good viberations- Ben Wa Balls know how to make this experience euphoric for you. These balls deliver pleasure to solo pleasure enthusiasts and partnered play lovers alike.

Ben Wa Balls have an unconventional style than other sex toys. While gentle thrusts in and out of your vagina are always an option, using these balls to complement the sensations of pleasing the clitoris or sucking the nipples can make your intimate moments more heated and sweaty.

To escalate your solo experience to ecstasy, here is what you can try:

  • Lie on the bed in your favorite position, lube your Ben Wa Balls, insert them inside your vagina, and slowly start to squeeze your pelvic muscles. Grab your favorite vibrator, and start rubbing it on your clitoris, around the labia, and your butthole while your pelvic muscles hold the balls for intense arousal.
  • You can also switch to vibrating Kegel Balls and tease your g-spot with a delicious sensation till it heats the sweet spots of your climax.

Build up the passion of your partnered play with these Ben Wa Balls. Indulge in public sex with your partner by wearing them to a hot date or give in to your deepest carnal desire of sensual foreplay with these balls- the longer the balls are in, the more you can relish the main course. You can also experiment with temperature play using your Ben Wa Balls by simply running them under hot or cool water to make your vagina fall in love with them!

If you are an anal sex connoisseur, Ben Wa Balls are the undiscovered treasure of your sex robe. Anal penetration slides the balls against the g-spot, teasing her into a toe-curling multiple orgasms!

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