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Buy Vibrators for Women Online in India

Vibrators are awesome! They bring your fantasies alive and make you ride high. You experience the tides of pleasure and passion like never before. Specially if you’re a woman. Vibrators can bring so much value to a woman’s sex like because you’re as entitled to your ‘me time’ and pleasure as men are.

When you write to us inquiring for a vibrator online, we totally get where you’re coming from. Hence our support time tries to understand your needs and suggest the best vibrators that can fulfill you.

Let’s look into detail about what vibrators in India are available, what they do, how to select the right one and where to buy them.

What is a Vibrator?

As the name suggests, a vibrator gives you good vibes, all pun intended. It is a battery-powered, rechargeable or cordless sex toy that vibrates to stimulate the genitals during massage, foreplay or intercourse.

Vibrators for women can be used to stimulate their erotic zones in various ways. Vibrators can be used internally to stimulate the inner labia or the clitoris. At the same time, one can also use it around one’s anus or even on one’s breasts. Not just this, vibrators can also be used to stimulate a man around his penis or close to his balls. The idea is to stimulate sensitive nerve endings around one’s erogenous zones and enhance pleasure.

Vibrators for Women in India

Vibrators for women have become quite popular in the Indian market, especially after the release of the movie ‘Veere Di Wedding’ (2018) and web series ‘Lust Stories’ (2018) where the female characters enacted scenes using vibrators for self-pleasure. This was perhaps for the first time in the Indian culture that the use of adult toys was explicitly and candidly portrayed on the cine screen. Since then, vibrators have indeed become the talk of the sex town in India.

Since these mainstream movies have displayed women explore their pleasure and sensuality unabashedly; most urban women feel less hesitation, when they set out to buy vibrators. That said, a woman who may have never used a vibrator in the past, may feel nervous. Afterall, there is always a first time for everything for everyone!

There may be initial hesitation about using it, but just rest assured that a vibrator is a lot of fun. It is your wonder toy for enhanced arousal and climax. A vibrator is designed to make you feel good as well as bring intimacy with your partner. And, if you are already a pro at using a vibrator, then all you need is to let yourself free to splurge and indulge in your favorite toy!

How to Use Vibrators for Pleasure?

Vibrators can be used for foreplay, masturbation, long-distance sex as well as front and rear romps. However, there is some basic stuff you should know before you put these fun gadgets to use. They are available in varied designs, shapes and sizes with different ranges of vibrations, sounds and speeds. So, it is a good idea to select your vibrator carefully based on your preferences. Also, the best way to use a vibrator is by following the instructions from the manufacturer. You can either browse through all the instructions on the package or watch an accompanying video to understand how it works.

If you are a vibrator virgin, then you can begin with using it during foreplay. Run it gently over your body from head to toe, trying to get a feel and hang of it. This will help you to discover your body anew and understand what arouses you. Once you are familiar with the sensations of a vibrator on your body, it’s time to take the experience a notch above. Take the tip of the vibrator to the exterior of your vagina and move it around in tender strokes. Gradually, you can slither it inside and touch your clitoris as if trying for shallow penetration. As you get more comfortable, you can be bold and push it inside further to make it penetrate deeply or even hit the G-spot.

When used with a partner, a vibrator can introduce freshness and an exciting new act in your otherwise potentially lackluster sex life. You and your partner can run the vibrator on each other’s body to explore new sensations and erogenous zones. If you are already an old hand at using vibrators, see if you want to use it innovatively such as during butt play, while making out in shower or in creative sex positions. The mantra is to keep testing your comfort zone and keep bringing in multiple combinations of activities.

Do remember to use a lubricant generously for a safe, relaxing and pleasurable session with a vibrator. It’s also possible that initially there may be awkwardness or discomfortable, because of the different sensations. At such times, it is OK to keep the vibrator aside and come back to your trusted toy later.

Different Types of Vibrators

You will be spoilt with choices when you decide to choose and buy vibrators for women. Here is your quick mini-guide to different types of vibrators.

  1. Wand: It is an ideal vibrator for the beginners. It is one of the oldest handheld massagers for clitoris and vulva. It can help you get a release without penetration.
  2. Clitoral: It is mostly used for masturbation or external stimulation on the clitoris. It is quite discreet, look like a lipstick and can be easily carried in a bag for pleasure on-the-go.
  3. G-spot: It is an internal vibrator that comes with a curved or hooked tip for stronger sexual arousal and G-spot orgasm. You can even use it for clitoris stimulation.
  4. Bullet: When you need something small that is packed with a powerful explosion, a bullet vibrator is the one for you. Also known as an egg or a mini vibrator, it can be used both internally as well externally.
  5. Rabbit: It is perfect when you want to rock in G-spot and clitoris orgasms simultaneously or even one at a time. With a built-in dildo, it is considered to be the most superior vibrators for all for its all-in-one performance.
  6. Anal: If you want to indulge in anal sex solo or with a partner, this vibrator can do the job for you. It stimulates your rear-end nerves. However, it is not ideal for vaginal sex.
  7. Finger: These can be worn on your finger for manual masturbation. Just lie back and let it work to get you off anywhere, anytime.
  8. Realistic: Shaped like a phallic, this one looks and feel like a penis. So, when your man is not around, or you both want both vaginal and butt stimulation at the same time, a realistic vibrator will give you what you need.
  9. Strap-on: This is quite well-liked adult toy among couples to add a zing factor to their escapades. It comes with a harness with a dildo attached to it. It can be easily strapped around the waist by both men and women.
  10. Nipple: It can add novelty and fun to your sex life. It is available as clips, clamps, suckers and pumps to tingle your nipples hands-free.

How to Clean Vibrators?

Every time, you indulge in sex using your vibrator, it catches on some bacteria, putting you at risk of infection, STIs and STDs. In order to ensure safe, healthy and hygienic sex, the first thing is to buy Vibrators from providers who take detailed instruction manuals seriously. If a seller cannot provide you with instructions on how to clean the vibrator, either online or offline, their products may not necessarily be the best.

Always read the manual or cleaning instructions on the package. This will give you an idea of what all you need to clean and how to clean it properly. You can sanitize the vibrator with a non-toxic sex toy cleaner, spray or wipes. If you don’t have either of these, then wash the toy with a bar of mild and fragrance-free soap in a way that no residues are left. The odourless soap is recommended so that the vibrator does not cause any kind of irritation on your skin. Alternatively, you can also put it in boiling water on the stove or top rack of the dishwasher for about 7-10 minutes provided the material is made from metal, glass or wood.

In case of a battery-operated vibrators, you should first remove the battery and then clean it with a sex toy cleaner or a damp cloth and anti-bacterial soap followed by wiping it dry thoroughly. Reinsert the batteries and your toy is ready for use again!

It is also advisable to store the vibrator in its original package or a cloth bag to keep it safe, functional and of course, discreet from others.

Where to Buy Vibrators in India?

When you buy vibrators, there are two key factors you need to bear in mind:

  • Material: A vibrator made from silicone, glass and metal materials should be your ideal and first choice. They are easy to clean, use and store.
  • Functionality: Check for its sensations, speed, sound, settings and other features.

In India, you can easily buy vibrator online. However, there are again a few points to consider when shopping online:

  • Buy from an only trustworthy website.
  • See if the website is authorized seller of the products it is selling.
  • Check for detailed product information, reviews and warranty.
  • Buy only from a website like IMBesharam.com, which will respect your discretion, provide you with proper sales and after sales support and will do business legally and authentically.

Afterall, you’re out there to buy one of your most trusted friends, when it comes to exploring your sexuality, body and having fun!