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If you're a BDSM practitioner ready to add a whip or two in your bedroom, the Floggers, Whip, and Spankers collection is ideal for you to explore! Inspired by the theme of kink, pleasure, and punishment, this collection takes you to your fantasy land of BDSM, role play, and spankers. Whether you enjoy being spanked or like being the ruthless spanker- the collection guarantees heightened sensations, loud moans (if you allow), and mind-blowing orgasms.

In the world of BDSM, impact play is popular amongst beginners and seasoned practitioners who relish the pleasure of spanking, whipping, flogging, and caning. Unless you are indulgent in spanking with bare hands, a flogger, whip, or spanker is a good choice for maximum impact. The collection brings you a wide range of comfortable, body-friendly, and inexpensive spankers from Sex and Mischief, Fifty Shades of Grey, Bijoux Indiscrets, and Fetish Fantasy that add vibrance to your bedroom and the sex. Experiment and maybe, recreate the porn you've always fantasized about with the side of a spicy role-play that drives you to an ecstatic climax.

Slap and smack with enough intensity to leave a mark but not hurt the skin with the spanker paddle, and elevate the temperature with the soft but snappy flogger that smothers the skin with a sharp tingle. Go wild with a hard whip that sends a shiver down the spine, and if you're just a beginner, we recommend a soft paddle that makes them moan your name lovingly. Whatever you choose in the bed, we have a spanker to complement your play, daddy!

Ready to bring home our Floggers, Whips or Spankers? Giddy up for our best-sellers and get ready to slay it!

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