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Buy Penis Sleeves Online in India

Not all superheros wear capes, some wear penis sleeves!

Now, some superheros may wear penis sleeves to have a super penis, but it is this super amazing penis sleeves that does all the saving. I am saying this from experience. Being a marvel fan-couple, my partner and I love to roleplay- Hulk and Black widow. And if my hulk is supposed to change into a bigger man, why shouldn’t his little man get bigger, too? We found the answer on IMbesharam, the best and our favourite adult lifestyle store in India. The penis sleeve we got made his already glorious cock even better. The Black Widow in me loved the “Hulk Smash” that night!

Penis sleeves are great adult products for men that helps to increase the girth, length of penis and staying hard for a longer time, useful for solo and partnered time. These penis sleeves are not useful for just sexually healthy men, but it also helps men who experience erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. There are many names for penis sleeves- cock sleeves, penis extensions, penile prosthetic, penis enhancers, and penis sheath. They are quite similar to condom as it has to be worn over the penis only, though it will not protect from STIs. There are a lot of features available now such as vibrating, extra length, bent tip for g-spot stimulation, etc. Have your ears and something else perked up to know more? Let’s satisfy it! Your curiosity, I mean!

How do penis sleeves work?

The primary use of penis sleeves is to add an extra inch at the tip and increase the girth of the penis. This enhancing feature of penis sleeve will give your lady love extra pleasure with a fuller feeling and amazing sensations. They are perfectly stretchable to fit around the penis. The customizable ones can be cut at the bottom to fit the length of your erected penis. The open-ended sleeves will let you feel and enjoy the soft touch of your partner. The outer side of the textured penis sleeve enhancer with bumps and ridges will enhance the experience for your partner while the inner side will give you a similar experience.
Lubricated and vibrating sleeves are available. Some sleeves may have a bent tip at the end to hit and stimulate the g-spot of your partner. Like the cock rings that give rock hard erection, penis sleeves also trap blood in the penis that results in a harder and prolonged erection. In a 2019 review of recent advances in the management of ED, the researchers observed that this adult product helps to keep the penis erect for a longer time during intercourse. Materials used are often silicone or rubber.

How to use a penis sleeve?

If the penis sleeve is not worn properly, it may restrict the penis or cause friction. This will result in pain and soreness in the penis. And if they are very frequently in an aggressive manner, it may fracture the penis. Make sure that the penis sleeve you buy is exactly what you and your partner want. It should fit comfortable on an erect penis so picking the right size is important. You can use a tape to measure and compare the size of your own penis and the product before buying. Even though some penis sleeves come lubricated, it is best to use a water-based lube while using a sleeve. Wear the sleeve when you have a semi or half erect penis. As it becomes fully erect, the sleeve will fit around the penis properly. In case the penis does not erect fully, use a penis sleeve with a ball loop or belt to keep it all in place.

Don’t choose between ‘go big or go home’. Choose to go home and get bigger for a super sexy time with your partner!

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