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Buy Prostate Massagers Online in India

What is prostate massaging?

To answer this, let’s understand what and where the prostate is.

The prostate secretes fluid that is a component of semen and responsible for nourishing of sperm. Prostate squeezes to release this during ejaculation through urethra. This gland can be found between the bladder and the penis. You can access this through the anus, just 2-3 inches in. If you find the right spot for prostate stimulation, pat yourself because you found the male G-Spot, which is actually termed as the P-Spot.

Prostate massaging or prostate stimulation can be achieved with the help of fingers or prostate massagers. You can either do this on your own or have your partner help you. The orgasms resulting from this activity will leave you vibrating with strong waves of pleasure, even without ejaculation. The P-spot orgasms are approximately 33% stronger than penile orgasms.

How to get down to business?

See what I did there?

First and most important step- have a proper talk with your partner and get consent. The p-spot massage is often shadowed by fear of pain and blood. But if you are both cautious and hot for it, you will be ready for round two in no time.

To enjoy the mess that might happen post-pleasure, one has to clean the mess pre-pleasure. You don’t want to give yourself or your partner any shitty surprises (see what I did again?). Not everyone has access to douche or enema kit. So, the easiest and inexpensive way to clean the outside general area is with soap and water. If you can, gently put a water soaked finger in the anus just a little bit to clean any poop left over there. Make sure there is no debris in your nails and that they are short or wear a latex glove with cotton balls stuffed at the fingertips.

An appetizer increases the appetite and anticipation of what is to follow for the consumer. Foreplay does the same and it is even important for anal play. Massage and kiss your partner at the intimate spots to turn them on and relax. The more relaxed they are, the easier the entry will be. Slowly put a lubed finger in and continue to play with your partner. Do a downwards come here motion. Depending on your partner’s wishes, add more lube or introduce one more finger in the play or stop if they say so.

Once your partner is comfortable and responding, you can introduce a lubricated toy- anal beads, butt plug or dildo, better if vibrating. For a less scary option, prostate massagers are great. App-controlled, battery-operated, strap-on, vibrating and cock rings are a few options in prostate massager. IMbesharam has an exciting collection- metal, rubber, glass and silicone prostate massagers. To make things smooth, don’t forget to check out their lube collection.

Benefits of prostate massaging

Even though prostate massaging is considered conventional treatment for erectile dysfunction, some studies have thought to help the treatment by clearing the prostatic duct, blocking fluids and avoiding infections. It also helps to improve sperm health, prevent prostate inflammation and release tension. Prostate massaging helps to reduce prostatitis, a disease that leads to pain in groin, urine-related difficulties and prostate cancer. The best benefit is access to multiple heightened orgasms!

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