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101 Guide to Male Masturbation and Male Masturbators

When was the last time you used a male masturbator? If not a week ago, a month or a few months ago, you do not know what you are missing on!

Like one of our customers said for a set of male masturbator toys he procured from us, “I cannot tell you how heavenly it felt. For ages, I believed that masturbation is unhealthy, wrong, immoral and unethical. So, buying a male masturbator wasn’t even in the picture, until I saw it with one of my friends”.

Just like Rohit, (changed name), all of us have also been told that masturbation is wrong, immoral or unethical habit. On top of it, imagine someone mentioning male masturbator toys! It suddenly sounds immoral to the next level. We have been constantly told that masturbation is not good for sexual health. The stigma is more pervasive when it comes to men. Hence, it’s even beyond imagination that men could also use a masturbator.

However, the more psychologists, human sexuality experts and social scientists, study human sexuality, the more clarity there is about masturbation being a perfectly normal and healthy activity. Let’s quickly examine how to masturbate for healthy pleasure and what aids and sex toys for men are available to achieve pleasure all by themselves.

Masturbation 101

For every newbie, the pleasure of masturbation is a secret waiting to be discovered in the human body. For some, it could be an embarrassing experience while others might get confused by the overpowering impulse of an orgasm.  While there is nothing wrong with masturbation, it helps to keep a few things in mind, especially during the first few times, to keep things smooth and enjoyable.

  • Set the Mood Right: The first and foremost thing, when you want to use a male masturbator is to find a space that’s private and free from interruptions. Otherwise, the fear of judgment if someone walks in on you, and getting caught in the act will not let you savor the ecstatic moments of pleasure. Always double check that the door is locked. A playlist will help you drown any noise that you might make. It is important not to hurry through the process, so make sure there’s sufficient time at hand.
  • Read, Watch and Visualise: Bank in the 90s, when there weren’t tons of adult videos available, the lingerie-wearing models on Fashion TV would arouse sexual feelings like nothing else. A decent collection of erotic magazines or HD porn movies complement one’s imagination just like a masturbator. Of course, there is an entire debate about the whole effect of porn on people. However, there must be a reason, after all, for Savita Bhabhi magazine being a bestseller.
  • Lube Your Way In: Sure, you can keep things “dry” and you will still have a good time. But even the mention of a lube causes huge waves of sexual energy. Lube makes things so much faster and easier, ensuring a smooth state of affairs. Insert yourself into a male masturbator toy and that additional dimension will make your experience realistic and satisfying. You’re all ready to start once you’ve applied the lube.
  • Keep it Gentle in the Beginning: Whether you are using your hand or Now is the time to hold your erect shaft with your dominant hand, the one with which you use your pen. Keep the grip relaxed and easy, so that you can feel the skin, and yet don’t get used to a very hard sensation. Maintain the grip as your hand goes up and down. Keep things the usual, and slowly you can experiment with little things, like changing your speed, giving a bit of squeeze to the tip or even switching up hands. But don’t rush into anything. Keep it slow, or fast, as you like it.
  • All’s Well that Ends Well: Don’t be surprised if your supply of tissues runs out too quickly. Proper disposal of tissues is a must because after all, what’s good also needs to be hygienic. Alternatively, doing the laundry could be your newly found hobby!

Introducing Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators are sex toys crafted especially to enhance stimulation and give you an ultimate sexual experience. These specialty adult toys are designed to provide a realistic sexual feel and an amazing stroking experience.

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of masturbators is a penis-sized (or even longer!) vibrator for women. It is surprising that for an activity that gives us so much pleasure, a lot of men in India are yet to discover masturbator toys that can boost our sexual experience a hundred times more. For an activity that takes so much of our time, we should be doing more than just “jerking it off”. However, male masturbator? Are they even a thing? Let’s find out!

Do we even need male masturbators?

If you did not get the rhetoric in the question, YES. We do. It doesn’t take long for “apna haath jagannath” to change to “ghar ki murgi daal barabar.” Would you not want a perfectly tight and moist grip on your erect shaft, giving you the intense feeling of intercourse? The rigged touch and yet the smooth motion around the penis will surely make the fluids of pleasure flow a lot easier. It’s an add-on service that doesn’t disappoint.

Masturbators are for Women. Every time you fall for this partially correct statement, your private life takes a big hit. Yes, masturbators are for women, but they are also for us, men! Male masturbator toys can open up doors to new sensations and experiences that a hand cannot provide. Male masturbators lead to better release, satisfaction and parallelly, loud moans of pleasure. After all, why should girls have all the fun?

Myths around Male Masturbators

The biggest myth around masturbators is that masturbator toys are only for women, something that we have already established is misleading. Let’s see some of the other myths around male masturbation that you and I keep hearing about and getting confused about.

Masturbation Reduces Sexual Stamina:  This myth has absolutely no scientific basis and is used purely as a deterrent from healthy sexual pleasure. Further, a masturbator toy is often considered worse for health. On the contrary, masturbation is healthy because it releases stress and anxiety. In fact, it also makes erection last longer and decreases the risk of getting prostate cancer. Not to forget the preparation for a good and satisfactory sexual life ahead. After all, practice makes a man (or woman) perfect!

Male Masturbators are for Desperate Men:  Another big myth around male masturbator toys is that they are a product for single, desperate men unable to fulfill themselves sexually. However, it is perfectly fine for me to have a healthy and happy relationship and still want to have some me time. Masturbators can be just the perfect amount of flavor required to revive your fading long-distance relationship without cheating on your partner.

Masturbators affect Attraction towards Women:  Does your attraction towards women decrease because you’re using toys? Absolutely not. On the contrary, it is helpful in relieving sexual tension and stress. They enhance your ability to experience and know your own body better and accordingly have more sexual confidence when with a partner. In fact, Male masturbators are perfectly suitable for healthy pleasure.

Poor Quality of Male Masturbators. If this is one of your worries, then let us take care of this. At, we provide you the best quality toys from trusted manufacturers after due vetting. We ensure that we provide perfect service to each of our customers in a discrete manner. In fact, we also have a return policy applicable, in case you end up ordering a product that you didn’t want; as long as you haven’t broken the seal of the packaging.

Types of Male Masturbators

At, you will find male masturbator toys in a wide variety. Our extensive male masturbator toys collection has a huge array of great products. Some of our bestsellers are:

Cock Rings

A cock ring is worn around the penis, scrotum or both when it is erect or semi-erect. The function of this ring is to slow down the flow of blood from an erect penis and to allow it to stay erect for longer, therefore delaying your orgasm and satisfying your partner. Some of these rings also have vibrational functions. A constant stimulation increases the sexual pleasure for you and your partner manifold.


Sleeves are a great way to add excitement to your sex life. Sleeves are worn on the penis to improve stay time and maximize pleasure for the female partner. Sleeves feel very natural and comfortable against the skin. A vibrator or the nodule design can additionally also lead to intense orgasmic stimulations for both you and your partner.


Fleshlight is your fantasy for being with your favorite pornstar come true. These dummy vagina masturbators , created from the actual vaginas from real pornstars, are some of the most popular products among men. It offers a perfectly tight grip and a smooth in-and-out motion of the erect penis. In fact, their rigged texture makes you feel perfectly natural sensations as you masturbate.

Tenga Cups

Tenga cups are stimulation suction massagers which provide a feeling felt never before by your member. While some Tenga cups are pre-lubricated, it’s advisable to wear a condom while using others for an ecstatic sexual experience.

Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls are dummy dolls with which you can fulfill all your sexual fantasies. Often made with high-quality PVC, these dolls are especially known for their durability. Further, the realistic touch is very intriguing, the closest it can be to actual intercourse. And like all sex toys, the doll must be kept clean for your own hygiene.    

Cleaning, Maintenance and Hygiene

Pleasure and sexual expressions are undoubtedly very important. However, even with that, one must always keep in mind some basic principles of personal hygiene.

  • Clean it up Thoroughly. After masturbation, always make sure that you dispose of the tissues and clean up your organ. This is important to prevent any bacterial growth around your penis. It also ensures that any of the lubrication used during masturbation is cleaned up.
  • Follow Proper Instructions from Manufacturers. Masturbator toys have no side-effects on health if one gives proper attention to hygiene. Most masturbators come with proper instructions from the manufacturers which should be strictly followed in order to get the best results. These instructions will help the users understand how to properly clean and maintain a male masturbator toy, whether it is a sleeve or a sex doll.
  • Hygiene is a Habit. Always remember that personal hygiene is not a one-time thing. It is a habit that you must continue to develop until it comes naturally to you.

We wish you to have a great sexual experience with yourself and are always around to answer any queries you may have. Do write to us.

11 Best Masturbators for Men to Buy in 2024

Hustler Sunny Leone Vibrating Masturbator

Hustler Sunny Leone Vibrating Masturbator

Sunny Leone is the most popular Adult Star in India and we know you all love her. Well, now you can own a quality adult toy molded direct from her anatomy. Add extra sensation to your strokes with the Sunny Leone Vibrating Masturbator by Hustler Toys. Featuring an ultra-powerful bullet, this Vibrating Masturbator shakes and quivers on your c**k from top to bottom.

Fleshlight GO! Mini Masturbator

Men if you are looking to redefine your solo sexcapades, Fleshlight GO! The mini masturbator is here to give you a real-life-like intercourse experience when you “get, set, go!” with your penis thrusting in this. Designed for your pleasure, this masturbator really has it all: luxuriously supple sleeves…check; comfort stroking…check; compact design...check; and a definite ride to ecstasy land… check and check!

Tenga Flex Reusable Masturbator

Tenga Flex Reusable Masturbator

Lose yourself in flexible spiraling sensations! Find release with the TENGA FLEX. Our latest malleable material has allowed us to create a brand new sensation! The FLEXs spiral-ribbed casing has created spinning stimulation. Cover the air hole at the top of the item during use, and the FLEX will wind and unwind, creating a spiraling movement!

Tenga Air Flow Cup Masturbator

Tenga Air Flow Cup Masturbator

Meet New Tenga Cup! Envelop Yourself In Cushion-Soft Sensations! The airflow structure of our unique spiral-ribbed sleeve allows for a completely new sensation of pushback upon insertion. Be blown away by the combo of strong suction and delicate stimulation.


Satisfyer Men Vibration Masturbator

Satisfyer Men Vibration Masturbator - reach the heights of passion in record time. 2 high performance power motors make this possible. The masculine design in elegant black makes the masturbator a discreet playmate for modern guys.

Fleshlight® QUICKSHOT Masturbator

Men, get ready to meet new heights of pleasure by introducing your inner manly beast to the pleasure beast- Fleshlight Quickshot Masturbator. Compact, affordable, and perfect for singles or couples, this sex toy is one of the best the industry has to offer.

Lovense MAX HighTech Male Masturbator

Lovense MAX HighTech Male Masturbator

Lovense MAX HighTech has revolutionized the line of male masturbators with its 360-degree contractions and remote-controlled innovative software. Long-lasting pleasure and life-like sensations come together with this state-of-the-art masturbator.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

This award-winning Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential is the treat your penis needs and deserves. Bring home this masturbation essential with a 23-work vibrating stroker and find a totally different universe of male masturbation. Named the world's first Guybrator™, our versatile male sex toy can make you cum hands-free, and without the requirement for stroking thus, bringing you enhanced pleasure with minimized work.

Autoblow AI The BEST Blowjob Machine

Autoblow AI+ Blowjob Machine

Autoblow AI The BEST BlowJob Machine is your sleeve to those men’s rescue who are looking for some sturdy, lifetime experiences. It uses a redesigned motor that is 50% quieter than the Autoblow 2 to keep your self-pleasure sessions discrete but is 3 times more powerful than any other masturbator!

Kiiroo Keon Interactive Automatic Masturbator & Stroker Combo Pack

Presenting one of the most sophisticated and highly sensory male masturbators - KIIROO Keon Interactive Automatic masturbator & stroker combo pack! Welcome yourself to an exciting immersive world with this most advanced and supreme male masturbator. Keon not only promises to deliver incredible pleasure but also strives to revamp your entire sex life in ways you could have only imagined in your wildest dreams.

Pipedream F*ck Me Silly To Go Horny

Take your fun on-the-run with F*ck Me Silly To Go! Cleverly-sized to be both lifelike and compact, the proprietary Fanta Flesh® and super-soft internal tunnel feel just like the real thing–only better! Slip past her realistic fleshy lips and into her snug, textured tunnel that wraps around your pleasure rod with a firm, velvety warmth. She wants you deep inside her with every stroke while her tight p*ssy’s suction-enhancing closed-end will fuck you silly every time.

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