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Clitoral Vibrators


We believe that everyone deserves a happy ending, especially, when it comes to pleasure. However, research shows that the demographic of heterosexual women experience the least orgasms due to a lack of awareness around female anatomy and sexuality. For a long period of time, the pleasure treasure of the vulva owner’s orgasms - clitoris- has been neglected and forgotten. And why is stimulating the clitoris important? Because this nubbin-looking structure on the top of the vulva comprises 8000 nerve endings for female pleasure! Yes, you heard it right. The clit appears to be a small button-like structure on the interiors however, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a bulbous organ that reaches deep inside and forms the pleasure centre of female orgasms.

Whether you're enjoy a self pleasure session, or find your pleasure with your partner(s), clitoral vibrators are an ideal addition to your sex life. Designed to stimulate the clitoris with light suctions, a breeze of air and rumbling vibrations, some clit vibrators can make you orgasm in less than sixty seconds. So, bid thee farewell to the struggle of hitting the spot with these lit vibrators and enjoy, even, multiple orgasms without much effort! 


Treat yourself to ecstatic orgasms by exploring intense sensations on your sensitive spots while experimenting with a variety of stimulations a clit vibrator offers. If you're a beginner, start with placing the toy on the clit with light pressure. Make things hotter by withdrawing the vibrator, and placing it again until the climax starts to build up to a sweet release. 

Conventionally designed with a nozzle as the mouth, most clitoral vibes use air pulsations or suction technology to orgasmically stimulate the clit with one or more intensities. If more control brings extra pleasure for you, we would recommend investing in a vibe that offers you convenient control over the intensity settings to trip down the neverlands of ecstasy. 

While we're talking about getting wet, a waterproof vibrator with medical grade exterior would be the best fit to your pleasure sessions. To traverse beyond the known limits of your pleasure, bring this sex toy to your partnered sex and taste the double bonanza of cunnillingus and penetration. What do we want more than effortless orgasms, eh? 

Manoeuvre the vibrator over your hard-to-reach spots with its lightweight design and ergonomic shape because you deserve nothing less than everything! Enjoy clit-dropping orgasms on the go with remote controlled clit vibrators equipped with discreet motors so it remains only yours dirty li'l secret. So, ladies, slip on your favorite dress, grab a glass of wine or a slice of your favorite pizza and drop your panties for the ladies' favorite- the clit vibrator.


Whether you're looking for a discreet toy that you can leave on your dresser, or something unobtrusive that you can enjoy with your partner(s) or something luxurious that will keep you returning for more, we've something for all of you clit-owners here! Sharing below our list of customer favorites and best sellers that offer you a versatile range for enhanced pleasure:

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