My One Night Stand--A Bedroom Story

After reading this story you would either hate me or love me but either way try to see the true lesson behind it.

2010 was a good year for me. It was my 25th year of existence and I was ready to take the world by storm, I made a list of everything I wanted to do before I turn 26 and in my list I wrote that I wanted to have a one night of wild unparallel sex with a total stranger and let it be the best danm good sex I’ve ever had. I was a virgin until I was 22 and to me, doing something sexual that is completely out of my character is liberating and just honestly hot!

Last year for thanksgiving my then friend Jasmine invited me to join her family in Miami, as she knew due to financial reasons I wasn’t going to go home to my visit my folks. I was beginning to think my hope to have a one night stand before the year-end was not going to happen, until I met my friends’ 35 year old uncle, Amboise. Amboise was tall, dark, handsome and well-spoken. As soon as I saw him I said to myself that I had found my man, everything was perfect except for his wife that wouldn’t let him go anywhere by himself. I knew if I didn’t do something quick about his pesky wife; my chance of swapping spit with him would be extremely slim. I formulated a plan that I was going to flirt with him, get real close to him, laugh at all his jokes and use every womanly power I have to make him want me-It worked!

Skip forward to desert, my foot was caressing his legs at the dinner table and my hands were servicing his kingship—I made him feel so good that he couldn’t even eat his food. Once the family finished eating their desert, his wife got up to go to the kitchen, I then whispered to him that I wanted to be his for the night but too bad his wife was around. He must have wanted me real bad too because once everyone was asleep we met in the garage and made love for 5 hours straight. You can’t imagine how it was—our bodies sweating, our pulse racing- doggy style (check), 69 (check), cowgirl (check), lotus (check). I don’t know if it was his gentle way of caressing my breast, or because he eat me better than any other man had in the past, or because his kiss was more magical than others but I still think about uncle Amboise.

Needless to say Jasmine and I are no longer friends since the reason why Amboise and I had to stop sexing was because I had gotten so comfortable by the 5th hour that my moaning increased, so much so that I woke up the whole house! Although I lost a good friend in the middle of me behaving badly, I still don’t regret my one night stand with Amboise. I have one life to live and I will enjoy it to the fullest.