Thanks team IMB!


IMB is one of the most professional and safe website to buy Adult toys if you reside in INDIA. The customer care service is just excellent, and there is no match for this.

I have bought quite a few products from IMB, and I'm totally satisfied by the quality of the toys, and not to mention the customer care help and fast shipping ! Granted some toys can be a bit expensive here on IMB as compared to other stores, but at least we are assured we would be getting genuine and HIGH quality Toys from reputed brands. No cheap know offs !

They also take care of the shipping, customs and other formalities which needs to be fulfilled when the item is shipped from the US warehouse.

I would like to thank Team IMB once again for their great service and Help. Highly recommended if you looking for a sex toy, and you are an Indian resident citizen !

Best Regards, PD.

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they have scoops, deals and more