Mutual Masturbation

The Shared Joy of Mutual Masturbation

According to a well-known Swedish proverb, shared joy is double joy, and it fits right in the context of Mutual Masturbation. Simply put, Mutual Masturbation is the sexual act where you share masturbation with somebody else. Mixed emotions, eh!? When we have been raised to believe that masturbation is the sadder alternative to sex, why would somebody willingly want to masturbate with their better half? Because it is a treasure of pleasure that we are yet to explore!

Why is Mutual Masturbation So Hot?

  • You take charge of your orgasms.

    Masturbation allows you to explore your body the way you desire. Tie your legs to your favorite bedpost, ride a squirting dildo as the naughty cowgirl, or go simple with your fingers- masturbation is all about YOUR PLEASURE. Be in control of the intensities, depth, and speed of your pleasure waves, and guide your body to climax the way you enjoy ;)
  • You acquaint yourself with your partner's pleasure.

    For couples recently exploring the pleasure zone, mutual masturbation can be a steamy guided session to understand each other's pleasure more. Observe where they like touching themselves, what stroke makes them moan louder, how fast/slow they prefer it, and much more. The more you will indulge, the hotter it will be.
  • Whip out your inner exhibitionist.

    Some enjoy watching, some prefer to be watched, and some love a mix of both. If you are either- this is your live show to enjoy or make the porn you have always wanted to re-create. Drop a shag or two while watching your partner get off- we're feeling the heat and the sweats.
  • Perfect for bidding farewell to internalized shame.

    Mutual Masturbation is ideal to re-connect with your body, explore your curves, and bid your tatas to the internalized shame we have for masturbation. Liberate yourself with this experience, and who knows, being bold might be a delicious turn-on for you!

How To Try Mutual Masturbation?

No one way will work for every couple, but there are plenty of ways to explore and experiment! So, tighten your love belts and kegel balls to dive on this ecstatic ride of kink, liberation, pleasure, companionship, and self-love!

  • Bring Out The Charm

    Seduce your partner to an irresistible setup of exhibitionism- take turns performing and watching. You may want to start with lights out and a mini-game of blindfolding, touching, and feeling to make each other comfortable, or doing it in the dark for the first time to get confident for the big reveal ;)

    Don't shy from complementing the mood with seductive lighting, aromatic candles, and whatever you wanna see on your partner!
  • Get Dirty and Down!

    If you're feeling conscious, you can start by complementing your partner to put yourself off the spot. Say, I can eat you so good right now, or I'm craving you so bad. Indulge all the senses, and let the sparks fly! You can always mix partnered play with your solo adventures to take the mercury up a notch. Make them wet and craving with a sensual 69 or a teasing oral- they are cumming, and they are cumming hard.
  • Yay For Creative And Juicy Sex!

    Set roleplays where one of you can be dominant controlling the other, telling your partner when to go fast, slow, or completely stop. Guide them with your words- where do you want their fingers, what position you want them in, how fast/slow to go, or if they should stop! Make their orgasms euphoric with edging, make them reach climax, stop just before, and then start all over again till they cannot control it.

    Remember to set your boundaries, safe words, and aftercare routine beforehand for a pleasant experience for all :)
  • Bring Home The Treasure Chest!

    Time to take out your favorite gadgets and gizmos and get them going! Sex toys are a good choice here not just for your pleasure but also to demonstrate to your partner what you like and how you enjoy it ;) Rabbit vibrators or clitoral stimulators can be a good choice for vulva owners. We recommend masturbators or fleshlights to penis owners for Mutual Masturbation but go with whichever you want to enjoy at the moment.

    PS: You lovebirds can always finish simultaneously with a partnered vibrator or a vibrating cock ring.
  • Just For The Long-Distance Couples!

    Long-distance couples, spice your phone or video sex to enjoy the orgasmic benefits of mutual masturbation. You can masturbate live through video chat (be careful about your privacy settings) or by sending text, private clicks, video clips- or a combination of all! Remember, to take your partner's consent before sharing your nudes, and to delete them after the quest is complete.

    Dare each other for exciting positions, daring angles, DIY sex props, or close-ups by adjusting the camera, or avoid the hassle by opting for an app/remote-controlled sex toy.

Whether Mutual masturbation is the appetizer or the main course, season it with kinks, sex toys, and BDSM to have the 'Cuisine of the Night'! Pull up your socks to multiply the good vibes, and dive right in ;)

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