Your secret is safe with us ;)

We know your privacy is important to you, and as our customer your privacy is our top priority. You can shop with confidence on our store and order whatever interests you.

When you order from our store, the package that arrives at your door is ALWAYS just a plain, ordinary, unmarked package with absolutely no indication as to what's inside. Have absolutely NO fear that the contents of your order will be revealed. Neither the shape of the package indicate what its contents are nor the shipping label mention Its from and for happy people so it will say HAPPY BIRDS Inc.

Take a look at the packaging:


What will be written on it?

The return label on the package will say "Shipping Department, Happy Birds Inc, Florida/Georgia USA". That us. No mention of, Besharam, or anyone else. We got it!

What will appear on my billing statement?

Your billing statement will show the names "Happy Birds, Inc." or "Shining Star Pvt, Ltd."So have no worries! Shop around for what interests you and let us know if you have any questions! We're here to help. 

Will Customs know about your order or contact information?

Absolutely NO WAY! We import your order under our Indian company name, and after we have cleared customs, paid duties and received the package at our warehouse, we then label the package with your address and contact information, so there is no way Customs Department will ever have your information. We deal with them!

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