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Creating Your Own Dungeon: Make Your Own Sex Playroom

Wondering what a professional BDSM playroom looks like. If you are a fan of 50 shades of Grey, pretty sure you have fantasized about having your own Red Room.

For those of you who are not familiar with that concept, the Red Room is Christian Grey’s sex playroom, also known as a pleasure dungeon, where he takes all of his subs. Some dungeons are classy and sophisticated while others can be a little trashy and not well built.

Dungeons are created carefully, keeping in mind the personality of the person, and their fetishes, and can be a great place to conduct BDSM activities in the privacy of one’s home.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are all looking to surprise our partners in some way or the other. If you’re looking to explore your fantasies with your partner on this special day, and give your sex life a saucy edge, IMBesharam is here to help with sex toys. Read on to know how you can make your own sex playroom.


It is important to determine the exact room and location which will be a safe haven for all your BDSM activities. It is advised to have your playroom somewhere inside of the house, where outsiders are not able to see it and judge you, without having real knowledge of BDSM. Unless you have neighbors, who are into the same thing, go ahead and brag about all your BDSM equipment. Often, the ideal place to make your playroom would be the garage or the basement, away from judgmental eyes and kids of course.

Bondage Playroom 

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After you have selected your space, the next step is to choose the room’s color scheme and the theme that you want to go with. Examples of different themes could be a medical room, a chamber prison, etc. The color scheme is then set after deciding your theme. Usually, people opt for darker colors like black or red, to give a certain tonality to the room, but it is not necessary to do so. Depending on your nature of dominance and if you are not into hardcore BDSM, you can choose lighter colors. Blue, greens, and purple may be subtler colors for your playroom.


Pertaining to the different acts out there, every BDSM enthusiast has his own choice when it comes to choosing furniture for their playroom. St. Andrews Cross, bonding racks, wooden horse, restraint benches, leather swings, the fuck bench, etc., apart from many others are some of the different kinds of furniture that you would want to equip in your room. Buying such furniture will cut your pocket, but an inexpensive way is to use everyday household items for your activities. Pet kennels and cages are inexpensive restraint mediums that can be used.


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This is the best part of the whole setup, where you are able to choose your BDSM equipment. Whether you are less dominant and use toys like a paddle, anal beads, a whip, etc. or you are a hardcore dominant and use toys such as canes, strap-ons, mouth gags, floggers, etc. You need a place to keep them in your playroom. The best way to do so is to have fixed hangers on the wall to hang your favorite toys and keep them on display in the room. Having hangers is handy, not only for storage purposes but as a safety measure, knowing what equipment is hung was not allowing any room for accidents. Some equipment that is made of leather must be stored in a wardrobe to avoid them from drying up quickly.


No matter what the size of the room is, these tips are all you need to know and will help you build your dream dungeon. We know that you are excited to build your own room of kink, and why not? After all, trying out something new is always fun. That is why we at have a wide range of BDSM kits and equipment, just to satiate your fantasies.

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