Lust Stories: Top 5 Hot Selling Sex Toys And How To Use Them

Lust Stories: Top 5 Hot Selling Sex Toys And How To Use Them

Sexual encounters for young Indian women are getting hotter and bolder. She is taking control of her pleasure in her own hands (pun intended!). After the release of the web series ‘Lust Stories’ this year, which showcased actresses exploring their carnal fantasies in a forthright manner, the female audience has lapped up the idea of indulging in sex toys. They have no more qualms about being ‘besharam’ (shameless) in buying fun toys for adults to heighten the joy of the act.

Now, if your interest has been piqued and you are looking for some adult online shopping for your next bedroom action, here is a list of sex toys that are selling like hot cakes:


Vibrators are fun sex toys that you can use solo or with a partner. They provide much-fantastic clitoral stimulation and mind-blowing orgasms, ranging from handheld vibrators to remote-controlled vibrating bullets. A perfect tool for G-spot targeting!

When using a vibrator, start by gently using the tip, gradually moving it in and out of your vaginal opening. Then you can adjust the speed and intensity according to your desires.


You don’t need a dildo, the phallic-shaped toy, when you have a real man ready to make you go ooh and aah. But, when your partner is not around or you need double penetration, dildos can unlock your sexual satisfaction!

A dildo is basically a vibrator without a motor. No guessing on how to use it. Thrust it deep or make short and rapid strokes—let your imagination run wild.


When expressing dryness down there or simply wanting to bring a slick touch to your deed, lubricants can be your best buddy. Water-based or silicon, organic or natural, gel or liquid, lubricants can provide greater comfort and delight.

Place it on your palm and massage it gently over your vulva and labia. Lubricants can also be used with vibrators, dildos, condoms, and other sex toys.

Butt Plugs

A fantastic foreplay device for pampering your derriere and core nerve endings! It can loosen up your anus and prepare it for the ride. It also makes a wonderful anal masturbation companion.

Bend in a doggy-style position and glide it slowly inside. If required, you can warm up your anus with fingers and lube before using a butt plug.

Penis Rings

Get your partner ready for an impressive erection and intense orgasms with penis rings. This device can fill your romps with longer and more exciting adventures. You will both experience a prolonged climax for hours.

Penis rings are usually worn at the base of the penis and around the balls. They easily stretch it to the size of your partner’s girth. Slide it over the shaft gently with the lube and let the action begin.

All these adult toys are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, strengths, and colors. Shed your inhibitions and buy sex toys in India to spice up your sex life!

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