My First Fleshlight Experience

My First Fleshlight Experience

I remember I was 22 when I bought my first fleshlight. I had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship and was struggling to handle the breakup.

My friends pushed me to start dating again but I never really made the effort. Psychologically and physically I had completely checked out on myself. The urge to get back out there and start seeing other people never came by.

Throughout my schooling, and my college education, sex toys were something that I always looked down on! For me, it was always about getting the real deal, or nothing at all.

Sometimes we even went as far as to mock those that openly admitted to purchasing and using adult toys just because we felt it was “unoriginal” and quite frankly, something only people that couldn’t get any used.

But at the end of the day, we’re all just humans. And our needs eventually catch up to us. I still remember the day in very vivid detail. It was about 6 months after my breakup, in the month of December, when a close friend of mine was telling me how great her new toy was.

“We’re so used to one kind of pleasure, that we never question if there’s more out there for us.”

Like I mentioned before, sex toys were never my thing, and I’d always told myself I’d never indulge. But my friend sharing her experience and my needs in the moment got the better of me.

I knew what a fleshlight was, and how it worked. I created an account on IMBesharam and checked out with the first fleshlight I saw - a Fleshlight Go! Mini Masturbator.

Looking back on that day, I realise it was one of the best decisions I’d ever make. My package arrived approximately 5 days after I ordered it, in a very discrete package (much to my relief).

To most of us, a sex toy is just that, a sex toy.

It doesn’t signify anything more than a tool used to get off, but I learned otherwise. I’d love to go into the details of my journey with that fleshlight, but I’m sure that kind of content quickly charters into the NSFW category. I’ll stay away from it for now.

Using the fleshlight not only brought pleasure back into my life, it helped me understand how much I’m missing out on. We’re often told how our mind and our bodies are connected, and that not taking care of one can easily lead to degradation of the other.

Not listening to my body’s needs had put me in a rut mentally. Not exploring pleasure had made my mind numb to every other sensation that I could feel.

I slowly got back to dating about a month after I got my fleshlight, and that led to me stepping out of my house gradually. Socialising and partying quickly followed through, which pushed me to workout and take care of my body even more.

Step by step, I picked up pieces of my life that I’d never thought I would touch again. I learnt the importance of putting myself first and listening to my body’s needs. All thanks to my Fleshlight.

I’m 24 now, and in a healthy relationship. I still use my fleshlight regularly, along with a host of other sex toys with my partner.

If you’d told 18 year old me that a sex toy would have as much an impact as the fleshlight did on me, I’d have scoffed and walked out on you.

Today, I recommend adult toys to everyone I meet because I know what it did for me, and I’ll never forget that.

Submitted by - A fan of ours who chose to remain anonymous.

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