Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage in India

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru Massage (also called Body Slide) is a massage performed with a special kind of gel called Nuru Gel. The word nuru comes from the Japanese language and it means "slippery", but some believe it was originated from the name of the seaweed used in it, called "Nori". The nuru gel is made from deep seaweed and is transparent, tasteless, odorless, extremely slippery and smooth. The nuru gel is very cool when you applied it to your skin, and when getting a nuru massage the masseuse will rub your entire body with the gel and slide on you for a unique and amazing body to body massage.  This kind of massage is actually a full body-to-body sensual massage which is performed amongst two nude individuals. In China, Nuru massage is becoming more and more popular in some massage parlors or spa clubs.

The Setup

First, your masseuse will inflate and place a special air mattress in a room where the temperature will remain warm throughout the session. The ideal temperature ranges between 75 F and 80 F, but  can be adjusted for the personal preference of the masseuse and massage recipient.  Once the mattress is in place, your masseuse will place a large towel across the head of the mattress. Often,  two smaller towels will be placed on a side table close by - one for cleanup and one to place underneath the wooden bowl that will hold the Nuru gel.

Illumination and atmosphere are key for a pleasing Nuru massage. Some prefer to reduce lighting sources and create an intimate private setting, while others will prefer to use bright illumination.

What Do You Need?

  • You will need something to lay on during the massage. An air mattress will work the best, but feel free to experiment with anything that will let you slide around. If you have one with a soft finish, flip it over and use the vinyl side on the bottom. Any sort of fabric would only absorb the gel and reduce its effectiveness.
  • You will need a bowl and a large glass of warm water next to you during the massage. You will be mixing the Nuru gel and the water together in the bowl to reach the right consistency.
  • Place a towel across the top of the air mattress where you will be laying your heads. Keep an extra towel for each of you within reach.
  • A few minutes before the massage submerge your bottle of Nuru gel in a sink full of warm water. Leave it there for a few minutes so that it reaches the desired temperature.
  • Setup the room in whatever manner suits your own personal style such as candles, dim lights and soft music.
  • Start the massage with a long hot shower or dip in the tub together. Enjoy this bit of foreplay before the massage.
When you finish bathing be sure not to dry off! You will need to stay wet to get the best massage.
  • Take the Nuru gel out of the warm water where you left it earlier and pour it into the bowl. Add a small amount of water to the gel until you reach your desired consistency.

The Massage

Now that the lighting and tools are ready, it’s time to have fun! Both partners should enjoy a long, hot shower, tub or hot tub. Once you both leave the water, be sure to stay wet! The recipient will immediately lie on the air mattress, while the masseuse  will pour the warmed nuru massage  over his or her body. This is by far the sexiest step of the process – think of it as a sensual, slippery, private striptease just for you! Then, the masseuse pours the nuru massage gel on the massage recipient and provides deep, relaxing massage.  Remember - if you don’t have an air mattress available, be creative!  Products like a waterproof sheet covering pillows or a thick blanket would work just as well

Now the fun part – the super slippery body-to-body massage! Once you both are completely covered with nuru massage gel, the masseuse grabs the head of the bed firmly slides up and down the recipient's body. You have entered the wild and wonderful world of Nuru Massage!

A Nuru Massage gel is much better than other normal massage oils for massages. It is odorless, tasteless, and does not stain the sheets or your garments. This is the excellent massage gel, lubricant, and skin moisturizer. During the massage session, one person plays the role of the masseuse and coats their body with a slick layer of Nuru massage gel. They then slide along their partner and use their entire body to give the massage. The feeling of the outstanding Nuru Gel is sensational and tends to make each bodies sense additional sexy. The Traditional Nuru Gel is made up of the powerful moisturizing nori seaweed, aloe vera, chamomile, and grapefruit extracts. It's a transparent, tasteless and deliciously slippery, it is really very excellent for a steamy body-to-body nuru massage.

In general, a Nuru massage will be really unforgettable for the person. Especially for the man. The following is a video about the introduction of nuru massage, just for your reference.

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