Submissive Man

Signs That He is a Submissive Man

This picture is only in our head, the truth is that a submissive man is more like to be fit, successful and a confident professional like a doctor, attorney, or executive.

Most submissive men have high-powered jobs that require them to be in full control during their work hours, therefore they tend to seek women who are strong, authoritative, and sometimes even sadistic, someone who can dish out what they crave.

Want to know if your man is submissive? Read on to know more.

He is turned on by success:

If he is the kind of guy who gets excited speaking about business leaders or female politicians or talks a lot about high-powered women, he might be a submissive man. While enquiring about what a woman does for work, he might even ask if she runs the show.

He wants you to take charge:

He will want her to make all the decisions about outings or dates and will be pleased that you aren't relying on him for making any decisions.

He bows down to high heels:

He will bow down to your heels. Your high heels will put him in a frenzy, because to him that is power and female dominance. Not just the heels, a submissive man will bow down to what is inside those heels, your feet! Most subs have a foot fetish and will not shy away from exploring it with their dominant woman. He will typically give foot rubs and compliment your feet.

He is not eager to penetrate:

When it comes to sexual intercourse, submissive men aren't too psyched they get more turned on by sexual rejection. This behavior does not mean that he is bisexual or homosexual in any way, it just means that he is straight and submissive.

He is an old-fashioned gentleman:

Submissive men are highly mannered, especially when it comes to their dominant woman or just women in general. Chivalry is in their blood and they don't stop at keeping their women pampered. They will open doors for you to walk in first and pull out chairs in a restaurant for you to sit down first. They will constantly make sure that their lady love is having a good time and is comfortable.

He gets off on bitchy behavior:

A submissive man loves it when his woman scolds a waiter and shows her superiority in the process. He likes it when she is tough on him, the more demanding she is, the more apologetic he is, and he totally loves that!

He is a believer in female superiority:

If he is vocal with his thoughts about female superiority and goes on about how women are the superior sex and mentions how women are making advances in business and politics (basically things that bring women to power) then he is submissive in the bedroom.

Submissive men do not crave conventional sex, but this doesn't mean that they do not have demands. They expect their dominant woman to give back something in return. They are aroused when they are teased, humiliated, degraded, or even punished. He treats his women with utmost care and love and shouldn't be taken lightly.

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