Sunny Leone - Besharam of the Year (Trailer)

Sunny Leone - Besharam of the Year (Trailer)

Besharam Sunny or Besharam Ranbir.. Who is more Besharam?

We asked this to our facebook fans and all of they voted hands down - Sunny Leone. While Ranbir Kapoor is the hot favorite of Bollywood and is definitely setting female hearts to skip a beat with his smashing good looks, its Sunny that stole the hearts and of course many other parts of the male audience. She apparently is still the favorite muse of all online, print and TV media, where they discuss everything about her from when she lands in Mumbai to what she wore on Tuesday to the recent news where her husband who is now making his Bollywood entry. Obviously we all are wanting and panting for her (not that obviously) and it sure does catch our eye when we see a mention of Sunny. So much so that a 'sunny side up' is a slang to say she has got big knockers in the urban circle. Predicting the mass curiosity about Sunny in India, the founders of signed her to be the face of the brand of Besharam, India's #1 Adult Lifestyle Webstore. Now that the site has gone live, you will get to check out some of the most innovative products for couples and single folks to use behind closed bedroom doors to enhance the pleasure of love making and to bring their fantasies to life.

While Sunny is busy busy in bollywood making more movies that she did in her 10year adult business career, nobody could have imagined what fate had in plan for her. She managed to enthrall Indian TV audience so immensely that it catapulted her to the #1 searched person in 2012 in India (as reported by Google India). She has handled her career very well, in face of extreme criticism and harsh prejudgement by several voices in India, she is still here going strong and doing well. Extremely well managed Bollywood PR wink wink Daniel Weber.

And Ranbir..Oh the charming, down to earth, very versatile and an extremely good looking person both inside and out, he is currently riding the waves of popularity both in India and overseas. His acting, choice of movies, dancing and on screen personna is something every girl desires for and every guy aspires for. He is here to stay, and definitely holding his own very well in front of the rigid Khan trio who already have a die hard fan following in India and abroad. Now with his new movie, Besharam, he is cast as a wacky, streetsmart, shameless but a hero inside type cool dude. The director Abhinav Kashyap has come up with a great plan and script for Besharam, the trailer which just released world wide also caused quite a stir amongst Ranbir Kapoor's fan following. The movie also stars Pallavi Sharda and is set to release on Oct,2 2013. Is that Gandhi Jayanti? Well the message is loud and clear. Gandhiji fought for freedom, and Besharam means being FREE, being REAL and being yourself, no matter what anybody thinks or has to say. Sex toys is not a reason to feel ashamed anymore.

Cheers to another fellow Besharam.

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