Ten Things that Girls in 20's would Love in and out of Bed

Before throwing her on bed, push her to the wall holding her hands up in the air. Let her not move and she’ll love every bit of it. As they say, "Tie her down in love"


Never under-estimate the power of a kiss placed on a back of a woman’s neck. They totally get turned on with such kisses when done like a man.

Exercise only helps you build an attractive body but also helps get going on bed. Kegel keeps you going with a stronger set of pelvic muscles.

Every woman loves getting compliments. Tell her genuinely how beautiful she looks even without clothes and you can’t imagine her comfort level with you. Don’t be surprised if she suggests a new position the next time.


Sex is just like Karma, you get what you give. Go down the vertical lips and she will enjoy seeing you with that erotic view between the legs. Eating her takes you half way and rest is just easy. And we all love being a FOODIE.

Toys are neither your competitor nor a man's enemy. They are the best friends and a helper too. Bring them to your bedroom and your girl will thank you for rest of your life. Vibrator on clit during intercourse is the best way to give her a big O.

Ask her genuinely if what you’re doing is Okay for her too. This wouldn’t make you look illiterate but portray you as a caring man. Because one of the 70 things to impress a woman is Care, rest is 69. Actually 84 now, after 15% service tax.


She loves it when you are in-charge of everything, from taking care of her to taking her to bed. Choke her gently while you’re on top. Use handcuffs or our personal favorite - a Tie from Fifty Shades of Grey collection.

There may me infinite occasions when you’re so turned on that you grab her tight. How about doing the same with her legs in the air? Legs up, grab her thighs between your arms and there you go. The grip is amazing and so is the experience for both!


Kiss her lips while penetrating. She wants it badly and not all can focus on lips while humping in bed. You may thank us later for this one!

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